Number of Jobs Created In Nigeria

This Summary Table contains estimates for jobs created in the Nigerian economy from third quarter of 2012 to first quarter 2016 . These estimates are the results of the Quarterly Job Creation Survey commissioned by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria. The objective of the quarterly survey is to track the number of employment being created in the economy within a given period of time.


Sector2012 2013   2014   2015   2016
Formal Jobs164,293152,018174,32680,41276,385101,59776,01878,755145,464138,026130,94151,07041,67227,24621,477
Informal Jobs240,359208,920232,327112,567140,673143,278158,894175,786198,144227,072332,40383,903428,690476,56361,026
Public Sector Jobs22,64424,97524,36828,07528,93120,8275,9594,8125,7354,3875,7266,3954,818-4,288-3,038
Total New Jobs427,296385,913431,021221,054245,989265,702240,871259,353349,343369,485469,070141,368475,180499,52179,465





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