Nigerian Stocks 7/6/2017 – Forte Oil Breaks Past N50

Daily performance of the Nigerian Stock Exchange for the trading day ended 7th June 2017.

Nigerian stocks closed trading on a positive note as the all share index rose 1.51%. Market capitalization at the close of trading was N11,299,981,809,591.05.

Highlights of today’s trading session.

  • NSE All Share Index was 32,686.72 up 1.51%.
  • Market capitalization closed at N11 trillion.
  • Volume of shares traded was 499,107,574.00 units.
  • Number of Deals was 6,424.00.

Gainers and losers


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Can someone please look at the Top Gainers & Top Losers. I think the Opening and Closing Prices were Swapped. Can it be gains when the Opening Price is higher than Closing Price?

Thanks for your news. It keeps so many people informed.


Also, I don’t think this news has anything to do with the caption/headline: Nigerian Stocks 7/6/2017 – Forte Oil Breaks Past N50. Forte Oil? I thought I was going to see any info on Forte in the Body of the news.

Just wondering though…

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