Rave of the moment Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Movement (MMM) has unleashed a simply irresistible offer to its members in the ‘spirit’ of the Christmas season. The controversial scheme has promised that from 7th December up until 31st December, 2016, members will be entitled to a 20% bonus on every ‘help’ offered.

This bonus does not interfere in any way with the normal 30% returns that is expected at the end of the 30-day period. What is more, members are even entitled to collect the 30% returns on th bonus given them for every ‘help’ offered.

To put this in perspective, a member who ‘provides help’ of say N100,000 is entitled to a 20% instant bonus on that help, amounting to N20,000. Next, after 30 days, the member should expect the 30% returns on the ‘help provided’ (N30,000) and on the N20,000 bonus (N6,000). Thus, after a 30-day period, the person should expect to cash a whooping N156,000 representing an amazing 56% returns on the initial N100,000 investment.

This motive for this move is not yet clear. Could it be that those at the helm of affairs are sensing that the infux of newcomers or those ‘providing help’ have reduced? Or is this just another indication of just how much money is already circulating in the program? Whatever the motive may be, however, one thing is clear. Many Nigerians will continue to flock into this scheme due the eye-watering returns involved. And as they say, the higher the rise, the greater the fall.

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