Meristem Securities will be launching Merigame, an interactive game based on the Nigerian Stock market on the 17th of October 2017.

The game is based on the exact replica of stocks traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Players can practice how to buy stocks without losing money. The launch will take place at  the NSE Event Center, 20th Floor, Exchange House, Nigerian Stock Exchange, 4 Customs Street, Lagos by 12pm.

To register, send your full name and occupation to Occupation status could be STUDENT, EMPLOYED, SELF EMPLOYED OR RETIRED.

What is Merigame about ?

Merigame was launched to build an identified gap between practice and actual trading. Our platform is the exact replica of our MeriTrade platformgiving access to trade all available stocks on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

How does merigame work ?

Users get funded with virtual funds to simulate financial capacity in real life trading as well as regular tips and recommendations to guide them in making choices on stock trading. On MeriGame, users get to practice how to buy stocks under real market conditions without burning a finger or finance while standing a chance to win financial reward.

Rewards for winners

That is not all, the platform has an ongoing championship game tagged ‘MERIGAME CHAMPIONSHIP’ The championship rewards the top 3 winners financially with One Hundred and Fifty Thousand at the end of each conclusive period. The winners of this game are the top three traders with the highest returns on the platform.


The game even gets more interesting with a referral system that allows users refer people and get more virtual funds in return to increase their purchasing power on the platform. MeriGame also has a community forum that allows users and admin relate and get further clarifications about the platform and market trends amongst other general issues even lifestyle issues.

Ultimately, they can always become a pro at self-trading and migrate into real market at MeriTrade and trade for returns for a successful financial future.

Where can one get merigame?

MeriGame is available on Google play and iOS app stoes.  You can also play online through the website

What is the company behind Merigame ? 

Meristem Securities is a Capital Market Conglomerate regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with up to date market information to grow wealth in good time, and in an atmosphere of transparency. The company provides  Wealth Management Services, Stockbroking Services, Registrar Services, Trustees Services and Corporate Financing.


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