Here Are The Top Products Imported In Q1 2016

RankingProducts Value (N)% Share of Total Imports
1st Motor Spirit ordinary 226,215,045,597.70 15.56
2nd Durum wheat (Not in seeds) 42,110,373,133.00 2.9
3rd Imported motorcycles and cycles, imported CKD by established manufacturers >50cc<=250cc 23,165,726,996.00 1.59
4th Cane sugar ( Meant for sugar refinery) 19,182,985,517.00 1.32
5th ADP Comprising in same housing a CPU, an input and output unit. Presented full built 13,209,005,115.00 0.91
6th Mixtures of odoriferous substances Of a kind used in the food or drink industries 12,877,974,385.00 0.89
7th Other machine-tools for working stone, ceramics, concrete, etC 12,416,388,150.00 0.85
8th Milk & cream in powder>1.5% fat not contain sweetening matter specially made for infants 12,197,747,227.00 0.84
9th Lubricating oils to be mixed 12,015,531,455.00 0.83
10th Other appliances such as taps, cocks and other valves, nes 11,749,426,533.00 0.81
11th Mackerel (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus, Scomber japonicus) meat, frozen. 11,187,804,996.00 0.77
12th Polypropylene, in primary forms 11,065,313,323.00 0.76
13th Machines 4 the reception,conversion & transmission or regeneration of voice,images or... 10,960,863,623.00 0.75
14th New pneumatic tyres, of rubber of a kind used on buses or lorries 9,827,911,454.00 0.68
15th Flexible tubes, pipes and hoses, with a burst pressure >=27.6mpa 9,426,425,293.00 0.65
RankingProducts Value (N)% Share of Total Imports


Credit: NBS

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