Dividends Declared By Companies On The Nigerian Stock Exchange – 2013

As audited accounts start to trickle in companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective board of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affect share prices


Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares before this date will be paid dividend. If you sell before this date you won’t get dividend. If you sell after you will still get dividend but the new owner will not get.

Payment date – This is when dividend will be paid to you either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).

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S/NCompanyDividendBonusClosureAGM DatePayment Date
1Vitafoam Plc30 koboNil18th – 22nd Feb, 20137th March 20138th March 2013
2Nestle Nigeria PlcN18.50Nil29th April – 3rd May, 20139th May 201310th May, 2013
3Nigerian Breweries PlcN3.00Nil14th – 20th March, 201315th May 201315th May 2013
4Greif Nigeria Plc30 koboNil18th March, 201316th April, 201322nd April, 2013
5Cadbury Nigeria Plc50 koboNil15th April, 20138th May, 20139th May, 2013
6Berger Paints Nigeria Plc70 koboNil22nd – 24th April, 201314th May, 201321st May, 2013
7Julius Berger Nigeria PlcN2.50Nil3rd – 5th June, 201320th June, 201321st June, 2013
8GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Nig PlcN1.30Nil23rd – 29th April, 201323rd May, 201324th May, 2013
9Lafarge Cement Wapco Nigeria PlcN1.20Nil6th – 10th May, 201328th May, 201330th May, 2013
10Ecobank Transnational Inc.0.4 centsNil5th July, 201320th June, 201319th July, 2013
11Courteville Business Solutions5 kobo1 for 510th July, 201325th July, 20138th August 2013
12Unilever Nigeria PlcN1.40Nil8th – 12th April, 201316th May, 201317th May, 2013
13The Okomu Oil Palm Co. PlcN7.001 for 114th – 17th May, 20135th June, 201317th June, 2013
14Presco PlcN1.00Nil8th – 12th July, 201318th July, 201329th July, 2013
15Zenith Bank PlcN1.60Nil15th April, 201324th April, 201324th April, 2013
16Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN1.30Nil11th April, 201325th April, 201325th April, 2013
17BOC Gases Plc20 koboNil21st – 24th May, 201313th June, 20128th July, 2013
18Fidelity Bank Plc21 koboNil6th – 10th May, 201321st May, 201321st May, 2013
19Skye Bank Plc50 koboNil6th – 10th May, 201322nd May, 201324th May, 2013
20Airline Services And Logistics Plc25 koboNil5th – 11th June, 201327th June, 201328th June, 2013
21Learn Africa Plc20 koboNil6th – 10th May, 201330th May, 201331st May, 2013
22A.G Leventis (Nig) Plc14 koboNil27th – 31th May, 20132nd July, 20133rd July, 2013
23Beta Glass Plc34 koboNil27th – 31th May, 20133rd July, 20134th July 2013
24Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc10 koboNil3rd May, 201321st August 201322nd August 2013
25National Salt Company of Nig Plc90 koboNil30th – 31st May, 20136th June, 201312th June, 2013
26Mobil Oil Nigeria PlcN5.00Nil30th April – 1st May, 201328th May, 20134th June, 2013
27CAP Plc70 kobo1 for 427th May 201324th June 201327th June 2013
28United Bank for Africa Plc50 koboNil22nd – 24th May 20137th June, 201310th June, 2013
29UAC Property Dev. Co. Plc70 koboNil21st – 24th May 201320th June, 201321st June, 2013
30NPF Microfinance Bank Plc10 koboNil10th – 14th June, 201327th June, 201328th June, 2013
31Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc5 koboNil19th July – 2nd August, 20132nd August, 20135th August, 2013
32FBN Holdings PlcN1.00Nil13th May – 17th May, 2013 31st May 20133rd June, 2013
33Trans-Nationwide Express Plc5 koboNil15th – 19th July, 201325th July, 20138th August, 2013
34First City Monument Bank PlcNil1 for 255th – 7th June, 201319th June, 2013N/A
35International Breweries Plc25 kobo OR1 for 8519th July, 201325th July, 201313th August, 2013
36Ashakacem Plc42 koboNil4th June 201327th June 201328th June 2013
37UAC of Nigeria PlcN1.601 for 527th May 201326th June 201327th June 2013
38Nigerian Aviation Handling Co. Plc25 koboNil17th – 21st June 201312th July 201312th July 2013
39Skye Shelter FundN5.00Nil13th – 17th September 201327th September 201327th Sept. 2013
40Fidson Healthcare Plc12 koboNil8th – 12th July, 201325th July 201326th July 2013
41ABC Transport Plc13 koboNil29th July – 2nd August 201323rd August 20136th Sept 2013
42MRS Oil Nigeria Plc24.34 koboNil22nd – 26th July, 201314th August, 201315th August, 2013
43Oando Plc75 koboNil8th – 9th July 201325th July, 201331st August, 2013
44Chellarams5 koboNil12th – 19th Sept 201326th Sept 201326th Sept 2013
45Evans Medical5 koboNil22nd – 26th July 20131st August 20138th August 2013
46Smart Products Nigeria Plc20 koboNil8th – 12th July 201325th July, 20139th August 2013
47Access Bank Plc85 koboNil17th April, 201325th April, 201325th April, 2013
48Sterling Bank Plc20 koboNil15th – 19th April, 20132nd May, 20133rd May, 2013
49Avon Crowncaps5 koboNil2nd – 4th October, 20138th October, 20139th October, 2013
50Consolidated Hallmark3 koboNil23rd – 29th July, 20137th August, 20137th August, 2013
51Honeywell Flour Mills16 koboNil9th – 13th September 201324th September 201325th Sept. 2013
52Seven-UpN2.20Nil19th – 30th August 20138th October 201315th October 2013
53Stanbic IBTC Holdings (Interim)70 koboNil14th August 2013(Interim dividend)22nd August 2013
54Cutix12 koboNil14th October 201325th October 201318th Nov. 2013
55Redstar Express32 koboNil2nd – 5th September 201319th September 201319th Sept. 2013
56University Press35 koboNil2nd – 5th September 201326th September 201326th Sept. 2013
57Roads Nigeria60 koboNil5th – 25th Sept 2013h26th September 20133rd October 2013
58Flour Mills of NigeriaN2.00Nil19th – 23rd August 201311th September 201316th Sept 2013
59Northern Nigeria Flour Mills40 koboNil19th – 23rd August 201310th September 201318th Sept 2013
60Continental Reinsurance10 koboNil9th – 13th September 201318th September 201319th Sept. 2013
61PZ Cussons Nigeria56 koboNil16th September 201326th September 20132nd October 2013
62AIICO Insurance8 koboNil2nd – 6th September 201317th September 201318th Sept. 2013
63ConoilN1.00Nil2nd – 6th September 20134th October, 201314th October, 2013
64Guaranty Trust Bank (Interim)25 koboNil3rd September 2013N/A16th Sept. 2013
65Access Bank (Interim)25 koboNil4th September 2013N/A17th Sept. 2013
66Mansard Insurance7 koboNil14th May 201323rd May 201323rd May 2013
67Mansard Insurance (Interim)4 koboNil4th October 2013N/A22nd October 2013
68Dangote CementN3.00Nil6th – 10th May 201323rd May 20133rd June 2013
69Guinness NigeriaN7.00Nil21st – 25th October 201315th November 201318th November 2013
70Custodian & Allied Insurance8 koboNil23rd – 25th October 20137th November 20137th November 2013
71SCOA10 koboNil25th – 28th June 201321st November 201318th December 2013
72UnityKapital Assurance2 koboNil10th – 11th October 201324th October 201328th October 2013
73Triple Gee & Company2 koboNil20th – 22nd November 201325th November 201312th December 2013
74Custodian & Allied Ins. (Interim)5 koboNil13th – 15th November 2013N/A28th November 2013
75Academy Press8 koboNil5th – 11th November 201319th November 201310th December 2013
76CAP (Interim dividend)N1.25Nil5th – 7th November 2013N/A19th November 2013
77Total Nigeria (Interim Dividend)N2.00Nil2nd – 6th December 2013N/A16th December 2013
78Nestle Nigeria (Interim Dividend)N1.50Nil25th – 29th November 2013N/A9th December 2013
79Royal Exchange4 koboNil15th November 201327th November 20132nd December 2013
80FBN Heritage FundN10.00Nil18th – 22nd November 201310th December 201310th December 2013
81C & I Leasing2 koboNil12th December 201317th December, 201318th December 2013
82Nigerian Enamelware45 koboNil4th – 6th December 201319th December 201319th December 2013



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