Data: Historical AGO (Diesel) Prices In Nigeria

Nairametrics| The National Bureau of Statistics latest Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) diesel price watch for the month of November reveals diesel price sold on an average for N195.67 per liter compared to N187.25 per litre in October.

The data reveals diesel prices rose slightly across states in the Federation with Rivers, Kebbi and Borno state posting the highest average retail prices at N220, N209 and N206 per litre respectively. On a flip side, Kogi, Delta and Abuja posted the lowest prices at N186, N183 and N183 respectively.

Nairametrics research around Lagos reveals diesel prices were going for as high as N250/ltr in most filing stations across Lagos indicating a much higher increase from the average prices in November.

This data is published by the National Bureau of Statistics and started in November 2015.

AGO Historical Data

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