Alcoholic bitters

Who’s winning the bitters brand battle in Nigeria’s bitter-sweet consumer market?

The market for bitters is gradually heating up in the Nigerian beverage market.
Seasoning cubes, knorr, maggi

These Seasoning cubes are setting the Nigerian food market on fire

Over the years, food seasoning has formed a very important aspect of cooking.
Malt drinks in Nigeria

Nigerian brewers continue to battle for supremacy in the Malt market

In Nigeria, malt drinks account for a segment of the total carbonate volumes consumed in the country.

Generator brands battle for market share amidst growing darkness in Nigeria

Manufacturers and distributors of generator sets seem to have discovered a new ‘comfort zone’ in the Nigerian market.
Sports betting

How Nigeria’s sports betting industry is rapidly growing among teeming youth population

The relatively new sports betting industry has been growing rapidly, leveraging on an increase in internet penetration in the country.
L-R: IMF MD, Christine Lagarde and Jim Kim, the World Bank president

Key takeaway on Nigeria as World Bank marks 2018 annual meetings

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank kicked off event to mark the 2018 Annual Meeting in Bali Indonesia on October 8th through...

How growing awareness is expanding Nigeria’s condom market

The Nigerian market has become one of the most sought after for makers of condoms on the continent.
MTN Nigeria

MTN staff observe stay at home as NLC begins strike

MTN has ordered the closure of its Nigerian office whilst the strike action persists.
Mercedes Benz vs Toyota

Mercedez Benz, Toyota battle for market share in Nigeria

The Nigerian market has become the most sought after for car makers on the continent.
Jim Ovia

What we’ve learnt so far from Jim Ovia’s Africa Rise And Shine

What do you do when there is a new book written by one of Africa’s most successful businessmen?
energy drinks

Monster Energy drink leads Nigeria’s Energy drink market amidst health concerns

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of energy drinks in the Nigerian market.

All red and Sweet…foreign brands dominate Nigeria’s Tomato Paste market

Tomato is an important vegetable (technically fruit) rich in the deposit of vitamins, mineral, and iron.

Golden Penny Spaghetti is wining the Spaghetti war

Pasta has become a popular meal found in many homes across the country.

Product Review: Tecno is leading the mobile phone market in Nigeria

This week on Product review we take a look at the Nigerian Phone market.

New snacks are knocking out Meat Pie from event tables

Social events in Nigeria have become bigger than they were about 30 years ago.

The battle of Milk brands has one clear winner

The Nigerian dairy industry is not new to rivalry.

Battle of the Detergents suggest one clear winner

The changing strategies in the battle for consumers’ pockets in the detergent market have remarkably shifted the overall narrative of brand activities in the sector.

The fight for diaper market share has only one winner.

There has been a paradigm shift from the use of cloth diapers to disposable diapers among nursing mothers in the country.

Nigeria’s triangular beer war on the rise with the arrival of Budweiser

Africa is the fastest growing region for beer consumption.

How these two ride-hailing platforms are struggling for market space

The number of ride-sharing platforms is on the increase in the country. Gone are the days when the only option for public transportation was either hopping on rusty and dirty Danfo buses, or hailing taxis from the roadsides.

These brands of vegetable oil battle for market share

Nigerians are lovers of tasty meals and globally, vegetable oils continue to play crucial roles in the preparation of such meals.

These brands are fighting hard to topple Gala as Nigeria’s ‘Sausage king’

Sausage roll is a piece of sausage meat baked in a roll of spiced pastry or dough.

Bigi Apple drink is squeezing Lacasera out

The carbonated soft drinks (CSD) segment in the country has continued to grow, despite the recent economic contraction which reduced purchasing powers of consumers. The entrance of new products such as La casera drink and Bigi Apple drink into the market has further intensified battle in that segment.

Nigeria’s cornflakes market: A case of two kings

Cornflakes is one of the most popular breakfast cereals eaten in the world, and for many people across all ages, it has become an...
Samsung S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+; here is everything you need to know

Sleek exterior, powerful new internal components and speakers that create phenomenal sound, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the perfect blend of class...

These challenges could ‘kill’ Spectranet’s market share

Spectranet is one of the foremost internet service providers (ISP) in Nigeria and was the first to introduce 4G LTE internet service in the...
Toothpaste brands in Nigeria

What we learnt comparing Close-Up and Oral-B Toothpaste

In Nigeria, millions of people brush their teeth with different brands of toothpaste every day. The country’s large population size provides immense potentials for...

Battle of the substitutes: Indomie vs Supreme Noddles

In recent years, the Nigerian market has become saturated with various brands of instant noodles. The World Instant Noodles Association ranks Nigeria as the eleventh...

My experience with Yochaa mobile app for Nigerian stock analysis

Most people find reading or listening to the news on the daily stock market boring and uninteresting. This is can be attributed to the...

These are the top money lending apps to watch in 2018

Access to loans from traditional Nigerian financial institutions is difficult for individuals and small entrepreneurs, if not almost impossible. On rare occasions where available,...