Streaming Services: a gift, a curse or both?

Streaming services: A gift, a curse or both?

The positives brought by streaming services cannot overshadow the negatives that these music streaming platforms face in Africa especially Nigeria.
Quick Loan

Five quick loan fintechs that banks should be worried about 

Thanks to fintechs, Olumide can now easily access a quick loan whenever he needs one, without having to stake the whole world as collateral
This is what OPay's N10 food looks like

This is what OPay’s N10 food looks like

Opay has been very strategic in its determination to endear itself to the Nigerian market. But is the company's N10 food any good? Find out now.
Top Adverts in Nigeria

See the top ten adverts in Nigeria at the moment

So far in 2019, many companies have done the most in this regard. We have seen some of the most creative advertisements in the forms of radio jingles, TV adverts, web banners, etc. But are all of them having quite the impact? 
ShowMax vs Netflix battle is one where David will lose to Goliath

ShowMax vs Netflix is a battle David will lose to Goliath

ShowMax vs Netflix is a battle David will lose to Goliath
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc Full-year 2019. PZ Cussons’ revenue declines by 0.55%  

PZ Cussons relaunches soap brand in desperate bid to re-capture market

PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc has rebranded its Premier Soap brand through the launch of two new variants that are expected to interest consumers.
Shrinkflation in the market, Companies engaging in shrinkflation, Cola war in Nigeria, Pepsi Coca-cola Bigi and Big Cola

As economy bites, companies use ‘shrinkflation’ to rip off Nigerians

Several companies have been using shrinkflation to rip off customers for years. In 2015, @Pepsi_Naija and @CocaCola employed it until @getbigi and @BigCola9ja disrupted the market—a move that reversed both household brands into default setting. However, Pepsi and Coca-cola aren't the only FMCG involved in shrinkflation, as this deceptive but legal activity dates back to over a decade in the Nigerian market.
Mr. Biggs restuarants in Nigeria, Mr. Biggs resturant address in Nigeria, Mr. Biggs office, Quick Service Restuarants in Nigeria

33-years after, Mr. Bigg’s is not so big anymore

From the late 1970s to early 2000s, @mrbiggsng was the most sought-after fast food restaurant, but 33 years later, the company is gradually winding up, becoming a fading memory in an era of competition; the fall of this giant will, however, cost Nigerians a lot.
the best mobile banking apps, On Google Play Store, some Nigerians are dissatisfied with their mobile banking apps  

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019 #Banking #Apps
O Event Concept, O'Concept snacks, 12 Basket, Snack business in Nigeria

O’Concept, the QSR reengineering snack-on-the-go to flip the market

O’Concept, the QSR reengineering snack-on-the-go to flip the market


Nigeria, others to secure GPE’s $250 million Coronavirus support fund

Nigeria, others to secure GPE’s $250 million Coronavirus support fund

Nigeria and other 38 African countries are set to secure the $250 million funding provided by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).
Chinese Engineering firm donates medical supplies to Nigeria

Chinese engineering firm donates medical supplies to Nigeria amid Covid-19

CCECC has donated over one million masks and other medical supplies, as part of its CSR to help Nigeria combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
NloTEK develops COVID-19 solution for elderly and vulnerable, receives $6,000 from Cairo Angels

NloTEK develops COVID-19 solution for senior citizens, wins $6,000 from Cairo Angels

As the confirmed cases of the Coronavirus hit over a million globally, tech startup, NloTEK, has been selected to develop solutions that could aid in the fight against the pandemic.
NAICOM, Recapitalisation: 44 firms get NAICOM’s nod , NAICOM boss makes case for recapitalisation, insists the exercise will solidify insurance sector , NAICOM extends recapitalisation deadline for insurance companies to meet new capital base, Due to lack of ‘process’, NAICOM says no insurance firm has met recapitalisation requirement, Insurance: Recapitalisation exercise sets consolidation in motion, Insurance firms are reportedly selling off assets to meet NAICOM’s recapitalisation deadline, Insurance: NAICOM mulls extension of recapitalization exercise

INSURANCE: NAICOM mulls extension of recapitalisation exercise

There are indications that NAICOM will extend the deadline for the recapitalisation of insurance and reinsurance companies for the second time.
British Pounds Sterling plunges, British PM admitted to Intensive care Unit 

British Pounds plunges, as PM gets admitted to Intensive care

The market responded negatively after British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit yesterday due to complications from Coronavirus.