Streaming Services: a gift, a curse or both?

Streaming services: A gift, a curse or both?

The positives brought by streaming services cannot overshadow the negatives that these music streaming platforms face in Africa especially Nigeria.
Quick Loan

Five quick loan fintechs that banks should be worried about 

Thanks to fintechs, Olumide can now easily access a quick loan whenever he needs one, without having to stake the whole world as collateral
OPay N10 Food

This is what OPay’s N10 food looks like

Opay has been very strategic in its determination to endear itself to the Nigerian market. But is the company's N10 food any good? Find out now.
Top Adverts in Nigeria

See the top ten adverts in Nigeria at the moment

So far in 2019, many companies have done the most in this regard. We have seen some of the most creative advertisements in the forms of radio jingles, TV adverts, web banners, etc. But are all of them having quite the impact? 
ShowMax vs Netflix battle is one where David will lose to Goliath

ShowMax vs Netflix is a battle David will lose to Goliath

ShowMax vs Netflix is a battle David will lose to Goliath
PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc Full-year 2019. PZ Cussons’ revenue declines by 0.55%  

PZ Cussons relaunches soap brand in desperate bid to re-capture market

PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc has rebranded its Premier Soap brand through the launch of two new variants that are expected to interest consumers.
Shrinkflation in the market, Companies engaging in shrinkflation, Cola war in Nigeria, Pepsi Coca-cola Bigi and Big Cola

As economy bites, companies use ‘shrinkflation’ to rip off Nigerians

Several companies have been using shrinkflation to rip off customers for years. In 2015, @Pepsi_Naija and @CocaCola employed it until @getbigi and @BigCola9ja disrupted the market—a move that reversed both household brands into default setting. However, Pepsi and Coca-cola aren't the only FMCG involved in shrinkflation, as this deceptive but legal activity dates back to over a decade in the Nigerian market.
Mr. Biggs restuarants in Nigeria, Mr. Biggs resturant address in Nigeria, Mr. Biggs office, Quick Service Restuarants in Nigeria

33-years after, Mr. Bigg’s is not so big anymore

From the late 1970s to early 2000s, @mrbiggsng was the most sought-after fast food restaurant, but 33 years later, the company is gradually winding up, becoming a fading memory in an era of competition; the fall of this giant will, however, cost Nigerians a lot.
the best mobile banking apps

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019 #Banking #Apps
O Event Concept, O'Concept snacks, 12 Basket, Snack business in Nigeria

O’Concept, the QSR reengineering snack-on-the-go to flip the market

O’Concept, the QSR reengineering snack-on-the-go to flip the market
Kaldi Africa, Nescafe, Nestle products, Cafe Neo, Coffee products in Nigeria

It’s time to break Nescafe’s two-decade grip on Nigeria’s coffee market

From homes to offices, the consumption of coffee has increased among Nigerians, blending into their lifestyles, particularly in the urban youth circles. There are just two coffee brands leading this drive within the country— @NESCAFE and others.
Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?, OPay reacts to office shutdown, N25 million license fee, OPay management denies payment issue as ORide riders protest against road transport workers union 

Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

ORide is fast penetrating the market by leveraging on the N100 bonus offer to any destination of any distance within Lagos. This move has attracted the competitors’ customers, at least if not for anything, till the promo offer ends. 
Consumers are choosing repellents with awful odours over odourless Mortein and Raid

Consumers are choosing repellents with awful odours over odourless Mortein and Raid

The innovative advancement in the mosquito repellent market came about due to a need to combat the growing cases of malaria in Africa and around the world; albeit in a safe manner.
Bleach market, Hypo, Harpic products, OMO products, Jik

Hypo wipes out rivals in a market determined by price and media campaign 

The bleach category in the hygiene and households cleaning products segment has always been a monopolised market in Nigeria, with every new entrant backed by deep-pocketed investors always making the market their fortress.
Product Review: Irish Spring is thriving in a soap market dominated by economy prices

Product Review: Irish Spring is thriving in a soap market dominated by economy prices

Four brands are dominating the Nigerian soap market. These are: Irish Spring, Premier Cool, Extract, and Delta soap. These top brands are readily available on supermarket shelves and neighbourhood stores.
Domino's Pizza in Nigeria. Pizza companies, Debonairs Pizza

Bread or Pizza: Domino’s is slipping and competitors are taking note

Years ago, Dominoes’ Pizza was like the national cake —everyone wanted a piece of it. The American company sat comfortably atop the pizza market in Nigeria, making it a bad business move for any company venturing into it. But now, competitors can breathe easy, as the “Pizza King” is losing its grip gradually.
Shoprite, SPAR International, Supermarkets chains, Growth outlook

Superstores in Nigeria: Can SPAR and Shoprite’s business models keep them afloat?

The two superstores worthy of note in Nigeria are Shoprite and SPAR.
Samsung Galaxy Fold Vs Huawei Mate X

Foldable Phones: Is Nigeria ready for the new mobile innovation?

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are the new kids in the block.
Tyre brands

Tyre brands in Nigerian market battle for market share 

The Nigerian market has become the most sought after for international tyre manufacturers on the continent because of its huge market potential.

Product Review: The Nigerian Cigarette market has only one winner

Figures from the World Health Organization show that over 1.1 billion people light up cigarettes worldwide
Paint Brands, Product Review

Product Review: Big brands dominating Nigeria’s Paint market

In Nigeria, paint manufacturing companies have been in existence since the early sixties.
Product Review: How brands are competing in Nigeria’s Biscuits market

Product Review: How brands are competing in Nigeria’s Biscuits market

The Nigerian consumer market remains an attractive space for investors, especially the biscuit makers.
Alcoholic bitters

Who’s winning the bitters brand battle in Nigeria’s bitter-sweet consumer market?

The market for bitters is gradually heating up in the Nigerian beverage market.
Seasoning cubes, knorr, maggi

These Seasoning cubes are setting the Nigerian food market on fire

Over the years, food seasoning has formed a very important aspect of cooking.
Malt drinks in Nigeria

Nigerian brewers continue to battle for supremacy in the Malt market

In Nigeria, malt drinks account for a segment of the total carbonate volumes consumed in the country.

Generator brands battle for market share amidst growing darkness in Nigeria

Manufacturers and distributors of generator sets seem to have discovered a new ‘comfort zone’ in the Nigerian market.
Sports betting

How Nigeria’s sports betting industry is rapidly growing among teeming youth population

The relatively new sports betting industry has been growing rapidly, leveraging on an increase in internet penetration in the country.
L-R: IMF MD, Christine Lagarde and Jim Kim, the World Bank president

Key takeaway on Nigeria as World Bank marks 2018 annual meetings

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank kicked off event to mark the 2018 Annual Meeting in Bali Indonesia on October 8th through...

How growing awareness is expanding Nigeria’s condom market

The Nigerian market has become one of the most sought after for makers of condoms on the continent.
MTN Group Limited, NLC

MTN staff observe stay at home as NLC begins strike

MTN has ordered the closure of its Nigerian office whilst the strike action persists.