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Prices of Kerosene, Cooking Gas and Diesel

Price Watch: Report suggests Nigerians paid less for kerosene, diesel, and gas in May

The Lastest report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has shown that the average price per litre of Kerosene in Nigeria decreased to N315.91 in May 2019, down from N316.26 recorded in the month of April.
Petrol price watch

Price Watch: Consumers paid less for Petrol as prices drop in May

The average pump price of premium motor spirit (popularly known as Petrol) decreased by 0.4% in May 2019. This is revealed in the latest Petrol price watch data released by the @nigerianstat
Alert: Tomato prices are up by over 80% in these Lagos markets

Reworking the Raffia: A look at Nigeria’s CPI Basket

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the “Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the prices of goods and services that households consume”.
Tomatoes Price

Alert: Tomato prices are up by over 80% in these Lagos markets

According to Nairametrics' House-Hold Survey carried out last week Thursday across major markets in Lagos State, a big basket of tomatoes now sells for N18,000, up from N10,000 reported two weeks earlier.

POS and ATM transactions decline by N258 billion in Q1 2019

The latest selected banking sector data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that the total value of transactions for both Point of Sales (POS) and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) during the first quarter (Q1) of 2019 decline by N258 billion. 
Tomatoes Price

Household Survey: Prices of tomatoes jump, as local rice stock piles up

As the Ramadan season gradually comes to an end, some households in Lagos and elsewhere may find it difficult to celebrate because the prices of some food items keep increasing.

Latest PMI shows expansion despite slow growth in Manufacturing GDP

Nigeria's manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) grew faster for the 26th consecutive months, indicating further expansion in the manufacturing sector.
States' Unemployment Data

Latest states’ unemployment data reveals 20.9m Nigerians are unemployed

States' unemployment data shows that 20.9 million Nigerians are unemployed as at third quarter of 2018.
Nigeria's Inflation

Nigeria’s inflation rate drops to 11.25% in March

Nigeria's inflation rate slowed to 11.25% in March 2019. This is 0.06% lower than the 11.31% rate recorded in February 2019.
Foreign reserves

Nigeria’s foreign reserves inch towards six month high

Nigeria's foreign reserves are a few millions away from a six month high of $45 billion, due to an uptick in crude oil prices and positive foreign portfolio investor sentiments.
prices of major goods

Household Survey: Food items are expensive at Mushin Market

Relative differences in the prices of major goods across the four (4) markets. The markets surveyed include: Mushin Market, Daleko Market, Oyingbo Market, etc.
Nigeria's External reserves hit $44 bn mark, as Oil price peaks

Nigeria’s External Reserves hit $44bn mark, as oil price peaks

Data from the Central Bank of Nigeria has shown that Nigeria's external reserve rose to $44 billion at the end of March 2019.
Nigerian Equity Market

Market/economic insight: the weekly brief (18th– 22nd March, 2019)

The performance of the Nigerian Equity Market remained largely bearish last week until Friday when a rebound was witnessed in the market.
Nigeria mining

Nigeria’s Mining Sector shows growth prospects, despite low credit provision

The Federal Government of Nigeria needs to build and implement a robust regulatory framework for the mining sector.
Nigeria generated N4.59 trillion from VAT in just 5 years

Nigeria generated N4.59tn from VAT in just 5 years

Over the past two years, VAT improved most in 2017, but slightly dropped in 2018.

Market/economic insight: the weekly brief (11th– 15th March, 2019)

The Equity Market returned bearish last week with the index down by WTD to close at 2.45% an index of 31,142.72 and capitalization of N11.61 trillion
Price Watch: Average prices of Kerosene, Diesel and Gas in Nigeria

Price Watch: The average prices of Kerosene, Diesel and Gas in Nigeria

The average price per litre of Kerosene in Nigeria has dropped to ₦305.55 in February 2019 from ₦306.28 in January 2019.
Petrol prices

Price Watch: Petrol pump prices fall again in February

The average pump price of premium motor spirit (Petrol) decreased by 0.3% in February, according to the latest data from the NBS.
Nigeria's Real Estate Sector recorded positive growth after three year low

Despite setbacks, Nigeria’s real estate investors to expect windfall in 2019

Data shows that out of 15 trillion credit (Bank loan) to the Private Sector in the last quarter of 2018, real estate got ₦622 billion.
CBN's Balance of Payment (BOP) brief

OFFICIAL: Nigeria’s oil sector accounts for 93.8% of export revenue

The Nigerian oil and gas sector accounted for 93.8% of the total export revenue in Q4 2018, according to the CBN's Balance of Payment (BOP) brief.
licensed cars on Nigeria’s roads

Number of cars on Nigerian roads hit 11.8m in a year

Latest figures from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics have shown that there were 11.8 million licensed cars on Nigeria’s roads as at Q4 2018.
OPEC Cut: Nigeria defies Quota, increases crude oil production

OPEC Cuts: Nigeria defies quota, increases crude production

Nigeria has defaulted in the agreement reached by the Organization Petroleum Exporting Country (OPEC) to cut crude oil production.

Boost for Nigeria’s economy as Mobile Internet Subscribers hit 113.9m

Mobile Internet users in Nigeria increased marginally to 113.9 million in January 2019, data from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed.
Small Businesses in Nigeria

Nigerian SMLEs believe businesses will thrive in 2019

Stakeholders in the mall, medium and large enterprises (SMLEs) in Nigeria have expressed optimism for economic growth in the country.
Elections postponement, Nigeria's GDP, 2018 GDP

Nigeria’s exports rose to a 6 year high in 2018

The value of Nigeria’s exports hit the ₦19 trillion mark in 2018. This is reflected in the report of foreign trade statistics (fourth quarter)...
Nigeria's Petrol import hits 20.14 billion litres 5-year high in 2018, as Diesel decline

FG to pay ₦39.9 billion monthly Subsidy as Petroleum Import declines

The importation of refined petroleum products will decline in March 2019, even as Nigerians consume an average of 53.2m litres of PMS daily.
Central Bank Continues intervention in Forex market to stabilize Naira

CBN’s intervention in FX market hit $39 billion in 2018

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)stabilized the Naira in 2018 by injecting $39.9 billion into the foreign exchange market (Forex). This is according to the...
Nigeria's Value Added Tax (VAT) inches up to ₦1.108 trillion in 2018

Nigeria’s Value Added Tax (VAT) inches up to ₦1.108 trillion in 2018

Nigeria's Value Added Tax (VAT) increased to ₦1.108 trillion in 2018 from ₦972.3 billion recorded in 2017. This is contained in the National Bureau of...
Transactions on e-Payment Platforms in Nigeria increases to ₦138.67 trillion

E payment transactions rise by 32% in 2018

The report on data for Electronic Payment (E-payment) Channels in the Nigeria Banking Sector has been released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)....
Contract staffing in Nigeria Banks

Nigerian graduates face further dilemma as 43% of Bank employees now contract staff

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), yesterday, released the report for selected banking sector data for the last quarter of 2018. A section of the...


the best mobile banking apps

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019

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President Muhammadu Buhari, new minimum wage

FG’s new minimum wage implementation does not apply to everyone

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the immediate implementation of the N30,000 new minimum wage, but it is not for everyone.

SCOOP: MTN workers to stay home as students reportedly picket headquarters [Update]

Staff of @MTNNG have reportedly been told to stay back at home after the company received a warning of a planned protest by Nigerian students.