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Trump gives branding advice to Boeing as company struggles with public perception

The President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump, has advised American plane manufacturer, @Boeing, on how to overcome the current negative public perception regarding its airplanes.
Ethiopian Airlines crash, Lion Air Crash, Boeing 737-Max 8 crash preliminary report, Boeing 737-Max models not suitable for some airports

Boeing earlier disclosed that its Max models are not suitable for some airports

The @Boeing 737 max models were earlier classified as unsuitable for some kinds of airports. Find out what kinds of airports and why it matters now.
Shareholders sue Boeing, Ethiopian preliminary findings, Boeing 737-Max model crash, Ethiopian Airlines Insurance

More troubles for Boeing as shareholders sue company over 737-Max crashes

Shareholders of @Boeing are suing the company for "defrauding" when it concealed safety deficiencies in its 737 MAX planes.
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Crashes drag down orders for Boeing-737 MAX in Q1 2019

The orders for delivery of @Boeing 737 Max models is beginning to drop following the recent air mishaps that involved the plane model. The company recorded zero demand of the Max model in Q1 2019.
MTN Nigeria, MTN gets CBN licence

MTN, Ugandan Government clash over licence renewal fee

The licence fee offered by the Uganda Communications Commission to MTN Uganda has been called into question, after the country's network regulator charged the telecom company higher than the licence fee recommended by Uganda's cabinet.
Nigeria, others raise over $17bn from bonds, says World Bank

World Bank appoints David Malpass as President

David Malpass has been named as the 13th President of the World Bank Group. Malpass appointment comes after the World Bank Board of Directors announced that only one nominee was proposed for the position when the deadline closed on Thursday, March 14, 2019.
Jeff Bezos and wife Mackenzie divorce, Jeff Bezos Amazon shares, MacKenzie Amazon Shares, Lauren Sanchez, World Richest Man

Jeff Bezos and wife, MacKenzie, split Amazon shares as divorce nears end

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, will retain his voting power in the company after reaching a divorce agreement with his wife, MacKenzie.
Safaricom market share, Raila Odinga calls for boycott of Safaricom, Kenya election

Kenya’s biggest telco is losing market share, and it’s all political

The largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, Safaricom, is losing its grip in the East African country's telecom industry, and it's all political.

Applications for Canadian Permanent Residency hit 21,200 in just 3 months

Data has shows that the number of invitations issued for Canadian permanent residency hit 22,200 in the first quarter 2019.

Richard Branson teaches best ways to become a good business leader

According to Richard Branson, the most important thing to do when running a company is to always bear in mind that a company is made up of a  group of people.
Saudi Aramco

With $111.1bn profit, Saudi Aramco is World’s most profitable firm in 2018

According to credit ratings agencies, Saudi Aramco has outstripped Apple Inc., Alphabet, among others, to become the world's most profitable firm in 2018.
Energy Crisis, OPEC, Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC Members, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Crude oil production, OPEC alliance under coordinated attack and Nigeria must brace up for it

OPEC may soon crack, as Oil price sets for biggest quarterly rise

OPEC and its allies are scheduled to meet in June to set policy, but progress is clouded with uncertainties as cracks are reportedly emerging in the union.
Live and work in Canada

Canada’s 2018 population growth consisted of 61% immigrants

Canada's population grew by over half a million people (528,421 people), as many nationals, including Nigerians, troop to the North American country in search of greener pastures.
Qatar Airways back Boeing 737-Max 8, Qatar Airways Airbus, Ethiopian Airways crash, Lion Air crash, MCAS

Qatar Airways joins list of Boeing 737-Max 8 supporters

Qatar Airways had ordered 20 MAX jets and is committed to buying a further 40. It has taken delivery of five of the aircraft.
Uber acquires Careem, Dubai ride-hailing services, Regulatory approvals

Uber’s acquisition of rival, Careem, raises anti-competition concerns

Uber will drop a whopping $3.1 billion to acquire Dubai-bases Careem. But officials are not pleased with the development.
Ethiopian Airlines

Why Ethiopian Airlines is still sticking with Boeing

Ethiopian Airlines' CEO, Tewolde  GebreMariam, said the company will keep close ties with U.S. plane maker Boeing, despite a tragic crash just over two weeks ago.
U.S-China Trade War

US-China Trade War: Implications for Nigeria as its Asian romance lingers

Recently, the world has witnessed major events ranging from populism, the Brexit process, and of course the escalating US-China Trade War.
Kenya Airways

Like Air Peace, Kenya Airways is sticking with Boeing 737-Max 8

Kenya Airways is planning to order up to ten of the planes at an estimated cost of $1.2 billion (Sh120 billion).
Boeing new flaw discovered on 737 Max plane, Honeywell International Inc, Boeing 737 Max order, Boeing 737 Max 8, Ethiopian Airlines crash, Lion Air crash, Airbus, The New York Times, Boeing Pilots, Countries ban Boeing, Air Peace crash, Business News Nairametrics, Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crash

Boeing’s aim to beat rival, Airbus, led to Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes

Engineers were pushed to submit technical drawings and designs at roughly double the normal pace. Consequently, a production that was slated for six years was built months later.
Isabel dos Santos

Africa’s richest woman almost got fired again

The richest woman in Africa, Isabel dos Santos, almost got removed from her postion as Chairwoman of the Board of Angola's telecom company - Unitel. 
Jim Ratcliffe may buy Chelsea

Britain’s richest billionaire may acquire Chelsea FC for N1.2 trillion

British billionaire, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, may succeed Roman Abramovich as Chelsea FC's owner. Ratcliffe had held talks over the potential takeover.
Emmanuel Macron, SMEs, Choose Africa, Startups Africa

President Macron launches €2.5bn initiative to support African SMEs

Through a new initiative called "Choose Africa", the French Government will contribute towards the development of the African continent.
World Bank, Okonjo-Iweala

Okonjo-Iweala not considered, as nominations for World Bank’s President closes

Nigeria's Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala doesn't stand a chance of being The World Bank's President, at least for now.
Norwegian Air, Boeing 737 Max 8

More troubles for Boeing as Norwegian Air demands compensation for grounded flights

Norwegian Air is demanding compensation for the grounding its 737 Max 8 jets.
OPEC Cut: Nigeria defies Quota, increases crude oil production

OPEC Cuts: Nigeria defies quota, increases crude production

Nigeria has defaulted in the agreement reached by the Organization Petroleum Exporting Country (OPEC) to cut crude oil production.
Huawei, United States, Legal action, Texas, Meng Wanzhou

Huawei accuses the United States of hacking

The confrontation between Chinese leading technology company, Huawei and the United States has nowhere reached its end, as Huawei, today, announced the company has filed a lawsuit against the US government.
Here is the World's most expensive Car - Bugatti La Voiture Noire

The world’s most expensive car is the Bugatti La Voiture Noire

The super hyper sports car, La Voiture Noire, is the world's most expensive car sold at €11 Million.
Tanzanian-based Zola Electric expands into Nigeria

Tanzanian-based Zola Electric expands into Nigeria

Tanzanian-based renewable energy company, Zola Electric has announced the company is planning on entering the Nigerian market, after its successful growth and expansion in Tanzania, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana.
Andre Iguodala joins Jumia board of directors

Popular NBA star Andre Iguodala joins Jumia’s board of directors

American basketball star, Andre Iguodala, has been announced as the newest members of Jumia's Board of Directors.
Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC's cuts

Libya’s output could destabilise OPEC’s cuts and affect crude prices

The El Sharara Oil Field in Libya has recommenced operation after a three-month siege by militants shut down operations.


Nigerian Banks stocks are bleeding but these two banks are soaring

Two banking stocks, in particular, are posting double-digit growth in their stock prices this year to date.
Oluwaseun Onigbinde

BudgIT’s Onigbinde has resigned as Technical Adviser to Ministry of Budget

Seun Onigbinde's (@seunonigbinde) resignation is coming barely weeks after his appointment as Technical Adviser to the Budget Minsitry was made public.
How Federal Government plans to increase VAT to 7.2% affects you

Buhari constitutes new Economic Advisory Council, as Soludo, Rewane, make list

Pesident Buhari has constituted an Economic Advisory Council. The advisory council will replace the current Economic Management Team and will be reporting directly to the President.