Treasury Bills

This category contains information about Treasury Bills in Nigeria.

Treasury Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government through the Central Bank to provide short term funding for the government. They are by nature, the most liquid money market securities and are backed by the guarantee of the Federal Government.

Here’s How Much Interest CBN Will Pay If You Bought Treasury Bills Last Week

The Central Bank of Nigeria sold N99.12 billion worth of Treasury Bills on Wednesday. Here is the breakdown of the TB's sold and the...

FBN Capital Asset Management Asset Losses 69% of Its Assets

FBN Capital Asset Management Asset Losses 69% of Its Asset The Asset Under Management (AUM) of FBN Capital Asset Management has fallen dramatically over the...

Foreign Currency Revaluation Gain Spur Zenith Bank to Growth

Foreign currency revaluation gain has spurred Zenith Bank to recorded a double digit growth in profit thus beating analysts’ expectation. Analysts say Zenith Bank is...

Matured Treasury Bills Crashes Interbank Rates 

All that happened overnight.
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CBN Just Sold Treasury Bills At These Rates

Nigeria sold 81.47 billion naira ($267.55 million) in short-dated treasury bills at an auction on Wednesday, with mixed yields, data from the central bank...

Are These The Laziest Fund Managers In the World?

These guys make a ton of cash from you while sleeping.

Nigeria to auction N138Bn in treasury bills

Nigeria plans to sell 138.16 billion naira ($454.47 million) in short-dated treasury bills at an auction next Wednesday, the central...

Yields on Nigerian treasury bills fall at auction

Yields on Nigeria's short-dated treasury bills fell across the board at an auction on Wednesday, when the central bank sold...

Alert: Nigeria To Raise 129.6 Billion Naira in Treasury Bills Next Week

LAGOS, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Nigeria plans to raise 129..67 billion naira ($403..01 million) in short-dated treasury bills at an auction next Wednesday, the...

Treasury Bills Results For 14/9/2016

The Central Bank of Nigeria has released the following results of its recently concluded Treasury Bills offering.

Analysis of Nigerian Pension Fund Performance Jan-June 2016

A review of how Nigeria's top Pension funds performed.

Forex Trade Boosts External Reserves By $595 Million In 5 Days

Foreign investors show increased confidence by increasing volume of investment in the economy, thus increasing the external reserves of the country by $595 million in 5 days.

Naira Has Fallen: The Lambs Remain Silent

So for everyone who is wondering why we have “devalued” or “floated” but those foreign investors have refused to come...this provides another explanation

Should I Invest In Fixed Deposits?

Should I be putting my money in a fixed deposit? This was a question put forward by a Nairametrics visitor last week. Apparently, he had...

Who is a Custodian?

When you think of a custodian in layman’s terms, you think of someone who has responsibility for taking care of or protecting something. In...

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Treasury Bills

For Nigerians with excess cash looking for where to invest can be nightmare. It's a bit ironic considering that those without cash typically have...

Latest Treasury Bills results are out…Here is what you need to know

The Central Bank on Tuesday auctioned treasury bills to willing investors in another round of debt accumulation for the Apex Bank. Funds have been...

A tale of two friends: One invested in stocks the other in forex

Two years ago and just when the Central Bank announced its first round of devaluation two friends talked about its impact on the Nigerian...

Evidence that Nigerian Banks have hiked lending rates across board

Last week, a Nairametrics reader sent us a letter from their bank informing them that their effective interest rates will now be increased from...

CBN sells 1 year treasury bills at whopping 22% pa (Highest in 14 years)

The Central Bank of Nigeria has concluded its August 3rd sale of Treasury Bills borrowing about N120 billion at a whopping yield of about...

Here is why your idle funds shouldn’t be in a savings deposit

Be wise enough not to save in a savings account
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What to expect this week – #Stocks, #TreasuryBills, #FDI, #FPI

  Commentary MPC raises interest rates by 200bps from 12% to 14% The Naira started to see increased levels...

Nigerian economy will be on the path to recovery when we cross these 4...

The National Bureau of Statistics announced a couple of months ago that the Nigerian Economy had contracted by about 0.3% for the first quarter...
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Emefiele Needs To Do This One Last Thing To Attract Foreign Investors

The Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele is really one tough cookie.
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Nigerian Stock Market Review For The Week Ended July 22, 2016

Seeing declines in all 5-session, Nigerian stocks have again retreated into the negative territory YtD.

Analysis Of Nigerian Stock Market Performance Last Week (15/7/2016)

A summary of Nigerian Stocks performance for the week ended July 15 2016

Your Pension Fund Is About To Fund Another N120 Billion FG Borrowing Spree

The Debt Management Office (DMO) has announced another bond issuance of about N120 billion for the month of July 2016. The DMO's release confirmed...