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This category contains information about Treasury Bills in Nigeria.

Treasury Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government through the Central Bank to provide short term funding for the government. They are by nature, the most liquid money market securities and are backed by the guarantee of the Federal Government.

Treasury Bills

Treasury bills calendar for January-February 2019

The Central Bank of Nigeria Published its Treasury Bills program for January-February of 2019, indicating that it plans to raise about ₦1.5 trillion in...

How To Compute Capital Gains Tax In Nigeria – Beginners Guide

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Fixed Deposits or Treasury Bills, Which Is Better?

I have received several emails and calls from my readers asking whether to buy treasury bills or fixed deposits. Whilst, both are very good...

Frequently Asked Questions: Nigeria’s New Exchange Rate Policy

Flexible Exchange Rate Policy; Frequently Asked Questions.   A new dawn in Nigeria's exchange rate policy was ushered in on Monday June 20th by the Central...

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This is how to bid for the second Treasury Bills Sale of 2019

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Primary Market Auction (PMA) on 17th January 2019.

Here is why your idle funds shouldn’t be in a savings deposit

Be wise enough not to save in a savings account

A tale of two friends: One invested in stocks the other in forex

Two years ago and just when the Central Bank announced its first round of devaluation two friends talked about its impact on the Nigerian...
Skye Bank

Skye Bank Crisis: What It Means For Your Money

The Central Bank of Nigeria on Monday dissolved the Management and Board of Skye Bank Plc following months of speculation about the financial health...

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Treasury Bills

For Nigerians with excess cash looking for where to invest can be nightmare. It's a bit ironic considering that those without cash typically have...
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These are the latest treasury bills Primary Market Auction results

Treasury Bills are government securities sold by the CBN to the general public in return for interest payments.

CBN sells 1 year treasury bills at whopping 22% pa (Highest in 14 years)

The Central Bank of Nigeria has concluded its August 3rd sale of Treasury Bills borrowing about N120 billion at a whopping yield of about...
Nigerian Stock Exchange

Difference Between Trade & Settlement Dates

This is where the disparity between the trade and settlement date occurs.
Treasury Bills

How to bid for this week’s Treasury Bills sale

CBN is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Primary Market Auction (PMA) on 28th November, 2018.
Treasury Bills Yield

Implication For Stocks As Treasury Bills Rate Jump To 15%

The Central Bank of Nigeria has released results of its latest Treasury Bills auction. The CBN on June 22nd offered  N48.12 b, N69.b and...

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Nigerian economy will be on the path to recovery when we cross these 4...

The National Bureau of Statistics announced a couple of months ago that the Nigerian Economy had contracted by about 0.3% for the first quarter...
Treasury bills

How to bid for this week’s Treasury Bills sale

CBN is scheduled to hold a T-Bills Primary Market Auction on 4th October, 2018.
Treasury Bills

How to bid for this week’s CBN Treasury Bills sale

CBN is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills Primary Market Auction on 19th July 2018.
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

Emefiele Needs To Do This One Last Thing To Attract Foreign Investors

The Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele is really one tough cookie.
Treasury Bills

Foreign Investors stake $1 billion on treasury bills

Despite the approaching elections, which has seen foreign portfolio investors exit Nigeria, some others apparently hold a contrarian view. Sources familiar with the transaction, revealed...

Ghana’s Economic Indices Are Scary

The grass is always greener on the other side

Why Nigerian Stocks & Black Market Naira Rates Were On ‘Steroids’ Last Week

The Nigerian naira firmed on the black market on Friday, while stocks posted their biggest weekly rally in 14 months as domestic funds snapped up shares following central bank currency reforms designed to attract foreign investors

CBN To Raise Treasury Bills Worth N167.5 Billion

The Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN) on Tuesday said it plans to raise N167.51 billion ($843.67 million) in treasury bills with maturities ranging...

Treasury Bills: CBN To Raise N1.07bn In Second Quarter

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will borrow as much as N1.07 trillion through the issuance of treasury bills in the second quarter (Q2)...

Should I Invest In Fixed Deposits?

Should I be putting my money in a fixed deposit? This was a question put forward by a Nairametrics visitor last week. Apparently, he had...
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How to bid for the second February 2019 Treasury Bills auction

Buying treasury bills is one of the safest forms of investment.

Fixed Deposits Vs Treasury Bills? What Provides Better Return On Your Money?

  I was recently approached by my Account Officer asking that I get some of my contacts to place some money in a fixed deposits....