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Investing Tips and Recommendations for investments in Treasury Bills, FGN Bonds, Stocks, Fixed Income Securities, Mutual Funds in Nigeria

Why Our Result Was Disappointing – Dangote Flour Mills

  Dangote Flour Mills released its 2013 9 months results with the company posting a pre-tax loss of N8.4billion. The results was as disastrous as...
Treasury Bills

How to invest in treasury bills even if you don’t have N50 million

Nairametrics| The Federal Government in March increased the minimum amount required to partake in its biweekly treasury bills auction from N10,000 to N50 million....

Investment decisions that can ruin your savings

On this blog I preach a lot about investing. It is a habit everyone must inculcate and nurture as route to financial freedom. However,...

5 Stocks To Watch This Week (7/7/14 − 11/7/14)

Lafarge Wapco - There has been a lot of chatter the past week about the substance of the proposed merger of Lafarge Wapco and...

How To Monetize Old Share Certificates and Locate Missing Stocks

  Are you one of those people with dozens of share certificates and dividend warrants stashed in a drawer or safe in your house? Perhaps...
Share reconstruction

What Is A Share Reconstruction and How It Affects You

Share Reconstruction A Share Reconstruction otherwise known as a reverse stock split is a process whereby a company reduces the total number of outstanding shares it...

Eurobonds in Nigeria: What they are and how to invest in them

eurobonds are bonds that are denominated in a currency other than that of the issuer.
Treasury Bills

Treasury bills calendar for January-February 2019

The Central Bank of Nigeria Published its Treasury Bills program for January-February of 2019, indicating that it plans to raise about ₦1.5 trillion in...
mutual funds

These are the fastest growing Mutual Funds in Nigeria in Q2 2018

Earlier in the year, mutual fund assets crossed the half trillion Naira mark.
Treasury Bills

How to bid for this week’s Treasury Bills Sale

CBN is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills PMA on 20th September, 2018.

Approved Markets and Instruments/Investments For PFA’s To Invest Your Pension Fund Assets In Nigeria

  The Pension Fund Administrators are periodically issued guidelines stipulating where, when and how they can invest pension fund assets. These guidelines and regulations are...

How To Value Loss Making Companies

Investing in unprofitable companies is generally a high-risk, high-reward proposition, but one that many investors seem willing to make. For them, the possibility of...

A case for investing in dividend stocks

  This article explains why investing in dividend stocks is a good idea. If you are a long-term investor in the stock market then owning stocks...

7 Key Factors That Have Affected Nigerian Banks Profits In 2013

Recently released results of the banks in the Nigerian Stock Exchange was received with mixed reviews. Whilst some banks performed well and beat prior...
FGN Bonds, FGN Savings Bond

This is what you get if you buy this January 2019 FGN Savings Bond

The Debt Management Office (DMO) has released details for the January 2019 FGN Savings Bond offer.

How Share Prices Are Determined on The Nigerian Stock Exchange

Investors in the Nigerian Stock market often check prices of stocks at the close of trading everyday. The information is published in a price...

This is what you get if you buy the latest FGN reopening bond

The Debt Management Office (DMO), will start the auction of the new Federal Government Bond re-offer for July on Wednesday 25th and it will close by Friday 27th.

Stocks To Watch This Week (21 − 25 July 2014)

UBA Capital UBA Capital released its 2014 half year results showing a Gross Earnings of N2.2billion compared to N1.8billion the year before. Pre-tax profits was...

How to choose between FGN bond, savings bond, others

All that you need is to know the settlement date of the bond.

Official Glossary Of Financial Terminologies Used In Investing In Nigeria

One of my major goals for Ugometrics is to help simplify Financial Jargons and terminologies. However, as one swings from personal finance to investing...

Now may be a great time to buy bonds

As bond prices drop following rising rates, investors may be presented with opportunities to add to their bond investments especially those that intend to hold such bond till maturity.
FGN Savings Bond

This is what you get if you buy the latest FGN Savings bond

The Debt Management Office (DMO), has released details of the July 2018 FGN Savings Bond.

Dividends: Diamond Bank Declare 30kobo Per Share Dividends

Diamond Bank Plc has proposed a dividend payment of 30kobo per share or N4.3billion to its share older. You have to own the shares...

A guide to investing in a Call Account

A Call Account or Call Deposit is a flexible instrument that allows you save and earn interest while having access to your funds should...

Equity Valuation: An Attempt To Determine The Intrinsic Value Of Dangote Cement Plc

Dangote Cement Plc is one of the largest companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange by market capitalisation. In fact its market cap of...

Is This Why Conoil Shares Has Been Rising?

  Conoil shares has been rising lately and it's currently at its 9 years high!!! In fact it has risen 198% in the last 1year...

Equity Valuation: Is Oando Plc Share Price Cheap?

The share price of Oando Plc has tanked in the wake of the recent allegation that Jams Ibori has a...

CBN sells 1 year treasury bills @ 15.35%

Nigeria's treasury bill yields fell across the board at an auction on Wednesday, compared with a previous sale on March 4, the central bank...

How To Predict A Stock Market Crash in Nigeria

The stock market like most advanced form of trading platforms are not immune to ups and downs. During the boom years the stock market...