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Difference Between Fixed Deposit and Treasury Bills

A Fixed Deposit is a type of short-term financial investments sold by banks to its depositors. A depositor invests in a fixed deposit when...

Difference Between Interim Dividend and Final Dividend

Companies at the end of a reporting period may choose to declare dividends to its shareholders as part of the distribution of profits that...

A guide to how Mutual Funds work in Nigeria

This article breakdown investing in Mutual Funds in Nigeria. What is a Mutual Fund? A mutual fund can be defined is an entity that pools...

How to Know If It’s A Ponzi Scheme

If it is too good to be true then it really isn't true!

Sample letter of application to purchase treasury bills

Going to a bank to apply for a treasury bills purchase can be a very difficult as sometimes. This can be quite frustrating especially...
How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

  As an investor in shares it is very likely that you may have come across incidences of unpaid dividends either due to the dividend...
Treasury Bills

Treasury bills calendar for January-February 2019

The Central Bank of Nigeria Published its Treasury Bills program for January-February of 2019, indicating that it plans to raise about ₦1.5 trillion in...

How To Compute Capital Gains Tax In Nigeria – Beginners Guide

  What is Capital Gains Tax and How do I compute it? Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit obtained from a disposal or...
How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

Fixed Deposits or Treasury Bills, Which Is Better?

I have received several emails and calls from my readers asking whether to buy treasury bills or fixed deposits. Whilst, both are very good...

Why Our Result Was Disappointing – Dangote Flour Mills

  Dangote Flour Mills released its 2013 9 months results with the company posting a pre-tax loss of N8.4billion. The results was as disastrous as...
Treasury Bills

How to invest in treasury bills even if you don’t have N50 million

Nairametrics| The Federal Government in March increased the minimum amount required to partake in its biweekly treasury bills auction from N10,000 to N50 million....
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Where to make money from in 2019

The start of a new year is a period of stocktaking and goal setting for many individuals. Living in a developing country like Nigeria means making...

How to validate and claim your unclaimed dividend warrants

This articles explains how you can verify, validate and claim your expired or unclaimed dividends from your registrar. What are dividends?  Dividends are returns paid to shareholders...
A case for investing in dividend stocks

Nigerian Stocks: All The Dividend Declared On The Nigerian Stock Exchange In 2014

As audited accounts start to trickle in companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective board of directors. It...

Frequently Asked Questions: Nigeria’s New Exchange Rate Policy

Flexible Exchange Rate Policy; Frequently Asked Questions.   A new dawn in Nigeria's exchange rate policy was ushered in on Monday June 20th by the Central...
Nigerian stocks March

Nigerian Stock Market Gainers and Losers (7/06/2017)

All share index rose by 1.88% as trading closed on a positive note.

Investment decisions that can ruin your savings

On this blog I preach a lot about investing. It is a habit everyone must inculcate and nurture as route to financial freedom. However,...
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This is the best Mutual Fund in Nigeria this year so far

Data from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) says there are 73 Mutual Funds in the country as at March 29, 2018. The Mutual Funds...
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Best Performing Mutual Funds in Nigeria, Q2 2018

2018 has so far proven that past performance does not guarantee or is not a guarantee for future performance. This has especially been so...
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How Not To Invest In Shares

Meet Bright, the “intrepid" investor  Bright thought it was time to get into the stock market business and decided to open an account with a...

The Implication Of What Foreign Investors Just Admitted To Reuters

The excitement over the new flexible exchange rate policy announced by the Central Bank is gradually waning as the attention of local investors has...
Here's How To Determine Your Net Worth

Here’s How To Determine Your Net Worth

A typical discussion amongst guys during a regular hangout, most especially after a few drinks is on the financial status of successful Nigerians. After...

Fuel Subsidy Removal: Now We Have Proof That Markets Work

Overthrowing Reasonings And High Things Ideas matter. They really do. What people believe plays a very important part in economic development. And they come to believe...
Treasury Bills, How to buy Treasury Bills, Treasury Bills in Nigeria, CBN Treasury Bills, Nigerian Treasury Bills

This is how to bid for the second Treasury Bills Sale of 2019

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Primary Market Auction (PMA) on 17th January 2019.

These Three Stocks Will Be Marked Down For Dividends This Week

The following companies will be closing their register for dividend payment this week. By closing their register only investors who own shares in the...

Eurobonds in Nigeria: What they are and how to invest in them

eurobonds are bonds that are denominated in a currency other than that of the issuer.

Stanbic, ARM, Zenith & Afrinvest Equity Mutual Funds Record Worst Returns In 2015

If you are a Nigerian equity market investor and for whatever reason chose to invest your money through mutual funds in 2015, it would...
Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold

Why Access Bank has a SELL recommendation

Stocks on our Buy/Sell/Hold list are picked from the top gainers and losers of the previous week.
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These are companies to watch out for on the NSE in H1 2019

The first half of the year on the Nigerian Stock Exchange is usually dominated by the release of full-year results by companies.

What is a Conglomerate?

A conglomerate is a large corporation that has a controlling interest in several smaller companies.


shortlisted applicants for the 2019 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme

List of successful applicants for TEF 2019 announced

See the complete list of the shortlisted applicants for the 2019 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme.
Cadbury Nigeria Plc appoints new managing director

Cadbury Nigeria Plc appoints new managing director

Cadbury Nigeria Plc today announced the appointment of Mrs. Oyeyimika Adeboye as Managing Director, effective 1st April 2019. Mrs. Adeboye takes over from Mr. Amir...
Businesses in Nigeria | Make money from a single product

How to make $1bn from a single product in Nigeria

Nigerian businesses owned by foreign nationals have thrived. Here's a look at how they did it.