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MTN Nigeria

One bad info from MTN’s incredible result

Telecom Giant, MTN Nigeria, released its 2019 first quarter results ahead of its planned listing on the Nigerian Stock Exchange later this week.
Treasury Bills

How to bid for the second Treasury Bills auction in May 2019

@centbank is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Primary Market Auction (PMA) on 16th May 2019 and this is how you can participate.
Understanding Mutual Fund Fees

Understanding Mutual Fund Fees: Miscellaneous Fees

In my first article on the issue of understanding mutual fund fees, I expounded on what management fee is, how to calculate it and how to reduce the burden by negotiating better rates if you are in a position to do so.
How to calculate interest on a money market fund investment

How to calculate interest on a money market fund investment

I recently received an email from one Stephen A (last name withheld), who asked if I can shed more light on how investors can calculate interest on their money market fund investment.
investment bias

Understanding Investment Bias: What influences investors’ decisions?

The benefit of behavioural finance is that investors are able to recognize these behavioural biases and take corrective actions to avoid financial losses.
2018 financial results

CORPORATE ACTIONS: Rocky Results and Markdowns

@lawunionrock was the only firm that released its results on the @nsecontact last week
MTN listed on NSE

Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed the intrinsic value of a share compared to its market price. Today, we continue the analysis.
FGN Bonds, 2019 FGN Savings Bond, Debt Management Office

This is what you get if you buy the May 2019 FGN Savings Bond

The @DMONigeria has release details of the May 2019 FGN Savings Bond offer. Here are the details you need to know about it.
2018 financial results

CORPORATE ACTIONS: N1.15 and Cost pressures

Here is a rundown of corporate actions expected on the @nsecontact this week
NSE All Share Index

These were the top 10 most profitable firms on the NSE in 2018

The top 10 most profitable companies on the @nsecontact made N1.26 trillion as profit after tax in 2018
Fidson Healthcare takes strategic investor on board

Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 1)

Every time you invest in a company by buying its shares, you become a part owner of the said company. Now, investing in shares has so many moving parts. Here, we will break them down.
2018 financial results


FBN Holdings and Capital Hotels Plc will be holding their Annual General Meetings next week, among other corporate actions on the @nsecontact next week.
Nigerian stocks exchange

Olam offer leads to spike in Dangote Flour’s share price

@guinnessngr was the worst performing stock this week on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, declining by 19% to close at N48.60.
As fears rise over the sustainability of America’s Social Security Fund...

As fears rise over the sustainability of America’s Social Security Fund…

The path to extinction seems to be the route on which the famous Social Security Trust Fund of America is on as at moment.
mutual fund fees

Understanding Mutual Fund Fees: Incentive or Performance Fee

In my first article on the issue of mutual fund fees, I promised to explain all or most of the fees that make up the total expense ratio of a fund. This is a continuation...
Stock to watch this week

Watch two of these FUGAZ banks this week

@firstbankngr and @ubagroup top Nairametrics stocks to watch on the @nsecontact for this week.
Nigerian stocks exchange

Chams Plc has charmed investors

@chams_plc was the best performing stock this week on the NSE appreciating by 28.57%. Year to date, the stock is up 80%.
Buy/Sell/Hold, Guaranty Trust Bank

Nestle Nigeria has a HOLD rating for next week

@nestlecwar has a HOLD recommendation from @nairametrics till the firm releases its Q1 2019 results.
Naira currency

If you have N1m today, how would you invest it?

21-year old Ade, was gifted N1m by his rich aunty. He wants to save this to fund his wedding in 10 years. How should he deploy this fund? Find out via the link below...
Managing "emotional returns" in investments is key to staying on track

What to know in order to become an International Investor

If you are reading this, I am very sure you have dreams of becoming rich and successful, with investments scattered all over the world.
Nigerian stocks exchange

PZ Cussons Nigeria drops to 10 year low this week

PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc was one of the worst performing stocks this week, dropping to a ten year low of N8.85.
Buy/Sell/Hold, Guaranty Trust Bank

UBA is a HOLD for next week’s trading

@ubagroup Oando and Beta Glass all have a HOLD recommendation for next week's trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
ATTENTION: Take note of these cryptocurrency investment tips

ATTENTION: Take note of these cryptocurrency investment tips

Remember when you first heard that Bitcoin was at $10,000 in December 2017, and you rushed to buy? Well, you probably should have known that wasn't the time to buy.
Nigerian Pension Fund

A look back at February 2019 Pension Fund performance ranking

Buoyed by increase in bond prices due to falling yields, Nigerian pension funds continued their conservative risk management strategy in February.
Understanding Mutual Fund Fees

Nigeria’s Mutual Fund asset value may reach N1tn before December 2019

According to information contained in the latest available data from SEC, the total Asset Value of Nigerian mutual funds was about N710 billion as at March 15th.
Managing "emotional returns" in investments is key to staying on track

10 quotes that would help you invest better

Not everyone has the patience to read 640 pages of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, or John Bogle's The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.
Mutual Fund fees

Is Nigeria’s mutual fund industry a duopoly dominated by two fund managers?

There is no doubt that the Nigerian mutual fund industry has come of age. Until 1991, there was no mention of mutual funds in the country.
Stock to watch this week

FBN Holdings maintains spot in weekly watchlist

FBN Holdings takes the top spot for stocks to watch this week, as the lender may release its full-year results on or before the 30th of April 2019.
2018 financial results

CORPORATE ACTIONS: An Exit and Less Sugar

Oando Plc's exit from Axxela Limited, and a decline in Dangote Sugar results were some of the key corporate actions on the NSE last week.
MTN listed on NSE

Dividend declaration drives rally in Chams share price

Chams Plc rallied by 20%, as investors continue to take interest in the stock following a N0.03 dividend declared.


Murtala Muhammed International Airport

FG concludes plan to demolish Lagos Airport, reconstruct with N14bn

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FG) has revealed that plans have been perfected to demolish the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, in order to reconstruct it.

Billionaires club: The current owners of MTN who need to sell for you to...

If you are one of those very active social media enthusiasts on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook, then you must have come across the image...
CBN begins process for proposed Payments System Vision 2030

CBN begins process for the proposed Payments System Vision 2030

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has begun the process of developing the Payment System Vision 2030 strategy, which will define the strategic agenda for the Nigerian Payments System for the next ten years.