Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold, results

Three stocks to Buy, Sell or Hold next week

Buy, Sell, or Hold comprises of stocks from the top gainers and losers.

The battle of Milk brands has one clear winner

The Nigerian dairy industry is not new to rivalry.

Champion Breweries: caught between the giants

Champion Breweries is our stock pick for the week.
Stocks to watch

9 stocks to keep an eye on this week

Stocks to watch comprises stocks that were the top gainers and losers in the previous week, those that released their results after trading hours, stocks having corporate actions, and those...
How to Calculate Deductions for the Employee Compensation Scheme

Nigerians earn N16 trillion as salary and wages in 2017 up 11%

In 2017, Compensation of Employees stood at N16.03 trillion growing by 11.14% in real terms.

ECOWAS Single Currency Hangs in Balance

The 53rd Ordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS has ended in Lome, Togo.
Wapic Insurance Plc

This insurance stock has hit an all time low

Wapic Insurance Plc, yesterday, hit a 5 year low of N0.38.
Stocks to watch

9 stocks to watch this trading week

Stocks to watch this week comprises the top gainers and losers in last week’s trading session.

This woman rose to become the Company Secretary of a multinational cement manufacturing firm

Meet Adewunmi Alode, the company secretary of Lafarge Africa Plc.

Here’s what I think of Diamond Bank ADA – personal banker Chatbot

Diamond Bank ADA is an AI chatbot personal banker that was launched in March, 2018.

How tech is disrupting Nigeria’s transport ecosystem – part 2

So, last week I started a “thread” to figure out the evolution of Nigeria’s transportation technology ecosystem.
Stocks to watch

Stocks to watch this trading week ending 27th July, 2018

Stocks to watch this week comprises the top gainers and losers of the previous week.

Meet Onyeka Akumah, The face behind Farmcrowdy

Agriculture constitutes one of the most important sectors of the Nigerian economy, and in terms of employment, it engages an estimated 70 percent of the country’s labour force.
Nigerian billionaires

Nigeria’s billionaires lose over N500 billion to stock market dip

Nairametrics began an in-depth coverage of the billionaire investors in Nigeria’s capital market in May 2018.
Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold, results

These are our Buy/Sell/Hold picks for this trading week

Stocks on our Buy/Sell/Hold list are picked from the top gainers and losers from the previous week. Here are our picks for this week. Honeywell...

How these two ride-hailing platforms are struggling for market space

The number of ride-sharing platforms is on the increase in the country. Gone are the days when the only option for public transportation was either hopping on rusty and dirty Danfo buses, or hailing taxis from the roadsides.
Investors lose N713 billion in Nigerian Stock Exchange, Bargain hunting in stock market

These were the hottest stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange this week

The Nigerian Stock Exchange ended the first week of July on a bearish note.
Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold, results

This is why you should HOLD these stocks this week

Stocks on our Buy/Sell/Hold list are picked from the gainers and losers from the previous week.

Newly passed US bill threaten foreign direct investments into Nigeria

The US house of Reps has just passed The Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernisation Act.

These brands of vegetable oil battle for market share

Nigerians are lovers of tasty meals and globally, vegetable oils continue to play crucial roles in the preparation of such meals.

Stiff competition shuts down P&G’s $300m diapers plant

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is in the process of shutting down its multi billion Naira Agbara plant.
Investors lose N713 billion in Nigerian Stock Exchange, Bargain hunting in stock market

Landmark Judgement shakes tables at the Nigerian Stock Exchange

The Federal High Court declared that the NSE is a ‘public institution’ within the contemplation of the FOI Act.
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10 Stocks that have returned 60% or more in 2018 and how they did...

The Nigerian Stock Exchange ended the month of June on a slim, though positive note, up 0.46% at 38, 275.55 basis points.
FGN Savings Bond

This is what you get if you buy the latest FGN Savings bond

The Debt Management Office (DMO), has released details of the July 2018 FGN Savings Bond.

Analysis: Chellarams Plc, owners of KFC Franchise, needs refinancing to survive

Chellarams Plc released its financial statement for the year ended March 31st 2018.
President Buhari signing 2019 Budget, List of President Buhari's Cabinets, Ministries Departments and Agencies of Nigeria

President Buhari signs 2018 budget

President Muhammadu Buhari has just signed the 2018 budget into law.
Yaw Nsakoh

Top earners: Executive Compensation of CEOs of Nigeria’s biggest companies

Have you ever wondered how much exactly some of Nigeria’s top CEOs earn per annum?

Word on the street: Lafarge, United Capital and MTN

If you have a stake, invest, or plan to invest on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NASD, and like scoops, then this newsletter is for you.
InterContinental Exchange

This billionaire just cashed a fat cheque

Companies by law are expected to notify the exchange when directors trade in the shares of a company.

Meet Tayo Oviosu, The face behind Paga, Nigeria’s largest mobile payment platform

The drive to increase financial inclusion among Nigerians has continued to assume an increasing recognition among policymakers and investors