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Beginners Guide to Personal Finance and Investing

Central Bank of Nigeria

How to get the Central Bank of Nigeria to credit your account

Doesn’t it feel good to be a lender of money? Yes, it does, especially if you know the borrower is creditworthy and would repay you with interest as at when due. The Central Bank of Nigeria could always borrow money from you and repay you when the time is due.
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Things to consider when investing in shares (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed the intrinsic value of a share compared to its market price. Today, we continue the analysis.
Investors closing the bell on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

How to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

This article provides a step by step guide on how to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We will also highlight a number of...

How Not To Invest In Shares

Meet Bright, the “intrepid" investor  Bright thought it was time to get into the stock market business and decided to open an account with a...
How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio

How to build a profitable Mutual Fund Portfolio

For those who do not have the time or expertise required to do the analysis involved in selecting good stock investments, mutual funds can...
Old 50 kobo note

Three quick ways to find out if a stock is overvalued

Deciding what stock to buy can be a challenge especially in a bullish market. Bullish markets are characterized by higher returns on the average...

Cryptocurrency: 6 risks you need to know about

If you have investing about N1 million in bitcoins in January this year, chances are that the investing will be worth about N2.6 million...
buy and sell stocks - Invest in shares

INVESTING TIPS – When to Buy or Sell Stocks

Nairametrics| Whilst there is no sure way to determining when to buy and sell stocks several ideas and methodologies used by reputable investors all...

Investing & Gambling: Differences and Where They Intersect

An investment is a sacrifice of current money or other resources for future benefits. There are numerous avenues of investments available, such as bank deposits,...
Here are 10 actions that can make you a successful investor

Investment decisions that can ruin your savings

On this blog I preach a lot about investing. It is a habit everyone must inculcate and nurture as route to financial freedom. However,...

How To Predict A Stock Market Crash in Nigeria

The stock market like most advanced form of trading platforms are not immune to ups and downs. During the boom years the stock market...
How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

  As an investor in shares it is very likely that you may have come across incidences of unpaid dividends either due to the dividend...
buy and sell stocks - Invest in shares

How Not To Invest In Shares

  Bright decided it was time to get into the stock market business and decided to open an account with a stockbroker. He quickly asked...

How To Monetize Old Share Certificates and Locate Missing Stocks

  Are you one of those people with dozens of share certificates and dividend warrants stashed in a drawer or safe in your house? Perhaps...


  If you are new to investing in stocks, one of the frequently used investing terms you would soon get familiar with is the Price...

The Good And Bad Of “Kobo” Stocks

Someone once told me he was buying a particular stock in droves because he thought the shares was so cheap the share price couldn't...

Why The Difference Between An Investor And A Lender Can Determine How You Get...

  Frank decided to accept a business proposition from his friend Chike after weeks of pitching from the latter. Chike was an experienced trader and...

How To Value Your Business Using Ebitda Multiple

Supposing you own a business that you have nurtured for years and finally now decided it was time to sell it or have some...


Rubies Bank

Rubies Bank – The Future is here

Rubies is a fully digital banking platform, offering zero fee banking targeted at millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions and FINTECH companies.
Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

ORide is fast penetrating the market by leveraging on the N100 bonus offer to any destination of any distance within Lagos. This move has attracted the competitors’ customers, at least if not for anything, till the promo offer ends. 
Airtel Nigeria

Airtel eyes a £3.6 billion IPO valuation on the LSE and NSE

Airtel Africa Limited has declared its intentions to float his shares simultaneously on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and London Stock Exchange (LSE)