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Loom Money Africa

Before you get ‘Loomified’, beware of the latest ponzi scheme in town

Following the launch of Loom, Nigerians have thrown caution to the wind as they rush to partake, forgetting the recent the drama accompanied the collapse of MMM.
Nigerian stock exchange - nairametrics

Beginners Guide To Investing In The Nigerian Stock Exchange

I got a call from my friend Nneka asking me how to invest in stock exchange and what it is all about. I tried...

What You Need To Know About Value Added Tax (VAT) In Nigeria

  VAT is a tax on the supply of goods and services which is eventually borne by the final consumer but collected at each stage...
financial security

If you’re in your 20s & 30s, here are some ideal investments

It struck me that I have peers who are struggling and confused about how and what to invest in while young, in order to ensure financial security at old age. So, I wrote this article...
treasury bills - fixed income

Difference Between Fixed Deposit and Treasury Bills

Fixed Deposit A Fixed Deposit is a type of short-term financial investments sold by banks to its depositors. A depositor invests in a fixed deposit...
mutual funds

A guide to how Mutual Funds work in Nigeria

This article breakdown investing in Mutual Funds in Nigeria. What is a Mutual Fund? A mutual fund can be defined is an entity that pools...
Tax - Expenses Allowable For Deduction From Profit In Nigeria

Tax – Expenses Allowable For Deduction From Profit In Nigeria

  Companies in Nigeria are statutorily required to pay 30% of their taxable profit as company income tax. However, before that tax is paid the tax...
What is capital allowance

What is Capital Allowance?

Capital Allowance is a claim against Assessable Profits by companies when computing their tax liabilities. It is only calculated when a company is computing its...
Avoid paying taxes

How to obtain an Income Tax Clearance Certificate for your company

In this article I am going to take you through a practical way of obtaining a tax clearance certificate from the Federal Inland Revenue...

Difference Between Interim Dividend and Final Dividend

Companies at the end of a reporting period may choose to declare dividends to its shareholders as part of the distribution of profits that...
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

Investing in Nigeria’s FGN Bonds Explained

This articles explains what an FGN Bond is and how you can invest in one. What is a Bond? A bond is a contract between a...
How to avoid taxes in Nigeria

How To Calculate Vat Remittances In Nigeria

Value Added Tax is an indirect form of taxation that is based on the consumption pattern of individuals and companies. In Nigeria VAT is...
Who pays for VAT and WHT

Who pays for Value Added Tax and Withholding Tax?

Let's explain this once and for all.

How to Know If It’s A Ponzi Scheme

If it is too good to be true then it really isn't true!

How To Calculate Cost To Income Ratio?

  I am sure some of us who bother reading financial statement of banks may have come in touch with the phrase "Cost To Income...
How to earn extra income

Here are 10 ways you can earn an extra N50,000 every month

Many of us find ourselves struggling to augment our monthly regular take homes. What if there are other things we could do to earn extra incomes?

What is C.O.T?

C.O.T is a commonly used abbreviation for Commission on Turnover. It is a charge levied on customer withdrawals by their banks. C.O.T charges are...
How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

How To Get Back Unclaimed Dividends & Process e-dividends

  As an investor in shares it is very likely that you may have come across incidences of unpaid dividends either due to the dividend...
Pension funds

Difference Between A Pension Fund Administrator And A Pension Fund Custodian

  PENSION FUND ADMINISTRATORS A Pension Fund Administrators in Nigeria are licensed to manage Pension Fund Assets on behalf of pension fund contributors. According to the...

How To Calculate Deduction For Employee Compensation Scheme

Last year the National Assembly replaced the Workmen's compensation act with the Employee Compensation Act (ECA). The ECA is an act that directs employers...

How To Compute Capital Gains Tax In Nigeria – Beginners Guide

What is Capital Gains Tax and How do I compute it? Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the profit obtained from disposal or exchange...
Avoid paying taxes

How to avoid paying excessive taxes in Nigeria

Taxes are statutory obligations of every citizen and businesses in a country. It is thus a major factor in determining how much income you...
How young Nigerians invest

Exclusive: A look at how young Nigerians invest their money nowadays 

As his phone finally buzzed with the notification of his salary payment, John pondered whether to stick to his investment plans or cheat for the last time. 

How To Get A Tax Identification Number (TIN) – Nigeria

I have been approached by some people looking to get a TIN for the companies. Thankfully, the Joint Tax Board has released ads detailing...
Naira currency

If you have N1m today, how would you invest it?

21-year old Ade, was gifted N1m by his rich aunty. He wants to save this to fund his wedding in 10 years. How should he deploy this fund? Find out via the link below...

Guide to Nigerian Pension Fund Contribution

This article explains what you need to know about Nigerian Pension Fund Contribution. It addresses; How much to contribute ...
What is a HMO

Explained: What is an HMO?

An HMO is an acronym for a "Health Maintenance Organisation" in Nigeria. They are companies mandated solely to manage the provision of health care...
Investors closing the bell on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

How to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange

This article provides a step by step guide on how to invest in the Nigerian Stock Exchange. We will also highlight a number of...

How To Calculate Your Taxes In Nigeria

*NOTE: The article for the above post is now outdated following the 2011 amendment of the Personal Income Tax Law. Head to the links below...
Serving of Domestic Debt

Meaning Of Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) As Defined By The Central Bank Of Nigeria

Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) is basically the proportion of the bank's tier 1& tier 2 equity (Qualifying capital or Equity) as a proportion of...


Canada invited 3,357 Express Entry candidates with scores as low as 300

Canada invited 3,357 Express Entry Candidates with scores as low as 300

Canadian province, Alberta, has issued a total of 3,357 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) to Express Entry candidates with Comprehensive Ranking System scores as low as 300.
Nigerian Aviation Unions

FG explains why it plans to demolish and rebuild the MMIA in Lagos

FG has explained the underlining reasons for the planned demolition and rebuilding of the 40-year-old Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.
Gas cylinders, Ibe Kachikwu

Federal Government to stop ownership of gas cylinders by consumers

By this new policy by @AsoRock, LPG consumers are not longer allowed to own gas cylinder.