Why you should Naira Cost Average your Investments

Why you should Naira Cost Average your Investments

Naira Cost Averaging (NCA) is an investment technique of buying fixed amounts of a particular asset on a regular schedule, regardless of price.
To become a millionaire, here are some net worth benchmarks to set

To become a millionaire, set these benchmarks

Many work hard their entire life and never get the chance to enjoy much. Some retire with a meagre pension that sometimes is denied them.
Nigeria's healthcare sector

A Glance at the HealthTech and Healthcare startup space in Nigeria

It almost goes without saying that, the Nigerian healthcare system is in an abysmal state. 
CBN, Key lending rate, CBN to boost creative industry with N22 billion , CBN increases LDR to 65%, sets December deadline, External reserves drop by $3.2 billion in Q3’19 , Banks' loans to Oil and Gas, Power, other sectors drop by N411.8 billion 

This is how much complaints CBN received against Nigerian banks in H1 2018

CBN said it received more complaints from dissatisfied bank customers in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year.
Africa's wealthiest billionaires

Four Secrets of successful people

Everybody likes stories about success. And the good thing about achieving success is that it is not exclusive to some select group of people. Therefore, I make bold to tell you today that "you sef fit make am".

Bountiful harvest continues to trigger food price drops across Lagos.

Nairametrics’ research on Household Food Items reveal a general decrease in prices.
Retirement, funds, Treasury bills, mutual funds, retirement funds

How I Would Invest My Mother’s Retirement Funds

My mum, who has worked hard all her life and is about to retire after 35 years in active service, is bothered about what to do with the windfall of cash she is about to receive.
Here are 10 actions that can make you a successful investor, portfolio diversification

What you need to know about Portfolio Diversification

What you need to know about Portfolio Diversification #Investing
Treasury Bills

How to bid for this week’s Treasury Bills Sale

CBN is scheduled to hold a Treasury Bills PMA on 20th September, 2018.

Product Review: Tecno is leading the mobile phone market in Nigeria

This week on Product review we take a look at the Nigerian Phone market.
Retirement savings

What you should consider your ‘retirement savings’ objective

The objective may depend on one’s definition of retirement.

Nigerian crypto exchange records over N500 million in transactions

Buycoins.africa enables individuals to trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash, through a mobile app.

Money management guides for stock market trading

Stock investing is not just an art, it is a science and those that understand the science of the stock market are prone to succeed.
Mira Mehta of Tomato Jos speaks to Nairametrics, Tomato crisis in Nigeria, Tomato production in Northern Nigeria, Twitter Tweet Chat

How Jos inspired Finnish entrepreneur, Mira Mehta, to establish famous ‘Tomato Jos’

When Mira Mehta made the decision to relocate to Nigeria in 2014, her father questioned her choice of residence.
International Monetary Fund IMF

IMF predicts a sharp rise in Nigeria’s Inflation by 2019

IMF predicted a rise in Nigeria’s inflation rate to 13.5% in 2019.
MTN Nigeria shares, Airtel Afrrica shares, Glo subscribers, 9mobile subscribers, Internet speed, Mobile Phone user, MTN bans Glo calls, MTN lift ban on Glo calls

MTN maintains lead as Airtel loses subscribers via porting

a total of 162,522,772 subscribers were active on voice in Nigeria in Q2 2018
Nigeria mining

Nigeria’s Mining Sector shows growth prospects, despite low credit provision

The Federal Government of Nigeria needs to build and implement a robust regulatory framework for the mining sector.
Chams Plc

Company profile: Chams Plc and the perils of competition. 

Chams Plc really needs to step up its game in order to remain relevant.

What the terms ‘Capital Gains’ and ‘Investment Income’ mean

The terms Capital Gains and Investment Income are explained via clear and easy to understand illustrations.
Gainers and Losers, Niger Insurance Plc

Pennystocks lead Top Gainers and Losers in September

September was one of the worst months this quarter, and indeed this year.
Treasury Bills

Yields rise as liquidity thinned in pre-MPC trading

The bond market remained scantily traded, with yields on the benchmark bonds trending higher by c.6bps as demand interests remained relatively weak.
AIICO Insurance Plc

This insurance penny stock hit a year high yesterday

The stock was one of the best performing on the NSE last week.
Jim Ovia, Godwin Emefiele

Billionaire watch: A payday and A birthday

Billionaire's watch is a weekly column where we look at happenings around the billionaire investors.
Yaw Nsakoh

Top earners: Executive Compensation of CEOs of Nigeria’s biggest companies

Have you ever wondered how much exactly some of Nigeria’s top CEOs earn per annum?

Best before vs use by date explained

most people can confuse 'use by' with 'best before' dates.

These were the best and worst performing stocks in 2018

2018 was a bearish one on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as the All Share Index closed in the red.
Lafarge Africa provides grant for startups

This cement stock has dropped to a 5 year low

Cement giant, Lafarge Africa, hit a 5-year low of N11.50 in yesterday’s trading session on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Customer service, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty

How to convert customers’ feedback into actionable business decision

Business owners are often tasked with managing countless customer requests. They should also be keenly aware that they need not allow their business plans to be driven solely by these requests.
Tax Waivers for startups - Emotional intelligence

Six easy ways to market your new business on internet

6 easy ways to market your new business on the internet #SME #MSME #Business
startup funding - venture capital

Why your business is not Venture Capital backable

Once I listen to their pitches, I usually know if they will be able to raise the money from a VC or not.
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