This stock hit a 5-year high on the NSE yesterday

Custodian Investment (formerly known as Custodian and Allied Plc) yesterday made history as the firm hit a 5-year high of N6.89 in today’s trading...
Seplat Petroleum

Key highlights from Seplat’s ‘Facts Behind The Figures’ session

Seplat Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) yesterday held its facts behind the figures session at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE). Facts behind the figures provide an...

The place of Learn Africa Plc in today’s dynamic publishing industry

Does Learn Africa Plc still have what it takes to compete in the Nigerian book publishing industry today?

These companies will be having their AGMs this week

Here is a recap of stocks that had corporate actions last week and those expected this week. Corporate actions include payment of dividends, closure of...
Sports betting

Economics of $2 billion Sports Betting Industry in Nigeria

There is no doubt that Nigerians love sports and it is no longer just about entertainment; it is also about making money.

Under 40 children of billionaires, sitting on the boards of mega quoted companies (1)

There are many young Nigerian billionaires who cut across all sectors, both within and outside the shores of the country.
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Why your business is not VC backable

Once I listen to their pitches, I usually know if they will be able to raise the money from a VC or not.

Here are 10 actions that can make you a successful investor

Investors will tell you different stories containing contrasting investment strategies, multiple inspirations and different risk appetites.

Here’s why the NCC is withdrawing 36 million telephone lines

The Nigerian Communications Commission has withdrawn 36 million unused telephone lines over the past few months.
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Hajj gone wrong; How a London Court awarded $22 million damages against Azzman

A London High Court earlier this month (5th of June) awarded damages worth $22 million against Azman air services limited over a breach of contract with Tripple Seven Limited.

A-Z of how to invest in Nigerian Treasury Bills

This article explains how to invest in Nigerian Treasury Bills This is a beginner's guide to investing in treasury bills. ...
Nonso Okpala CEO, VFD Group

NEM Insurance Plc 48th AGM and Associated Governance Issues

An integral component of the long-term strategy of any company is corporate governance, epitomised by transparency and accountability.
Seplat Petroleum

Oil and gas billionaire Avuru, sells shares

Seplat informed the investing public of a share transaction involving its CEO, Austin Avuru.
Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold

Buy/Sell/Hold picks for the week ending June 29 2018

Stocks on our Buy/Sell/Hold list are picked from the gainers and losers from the previous week. Here are our stock picks for this week’s...
Stocks to watch

Stocks to watch this trading week ending June 29 2018

Stocks to watch this week, comprises those having corporate actions and likely entrants into the NSE 30 index.

This Is the Portion of Your Salary Exempted/Deductible from Tax

The Personal Income Tax Act was amended in June, 2011, to address some of the issues with the previous act.

How to make side money from the World Cup

Here is a quick list of things you can engage in during this period of the World cup that will sure get you some cash.

Analysis: Julius Berger and Government Magic

The company expects revenue to grow to ₦210 billion, to be spurred by government contracts valued at ₦500 billion

Meet the billionaires of Nigeria’s Tech Space

Nigeria’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector is plagued by various problems despite the challenges, it has produced a number of billionaires.

Stock Pick: A better value in Beta Glass

Beta Glass was first mentioned on this website as a stock pick about 4 years ago.
Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold

Buy/Sell/Hold for the week ending June 18, 2018

Here are Nairametrics' stock picks for this week’s trading session.
Yaw Nsakoh

Top earners: Executive Compensation of CEOs of Nigeria’s biggest companies

Have you ever wondered how much exactly some of Nigeria’s top CEOs earn per annum?

12 Words You Need To Delete From Your Résumé

Recruiters spend an average of 6.2 seconds looking at an individual's résumé.

A Better Way to Pay Your House Rent!

Having a roof over our heads is one of the most basic human needs, and this need is usually met in the form of owning a house or renting one.

This company’s cables have been conducting Nigeria’s electricity since 1982

For a country like Nigeria, where epileptic power supply has remained a major economic constraint for years, achieving steady and reliable power generation and distribution has become a must.
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How to choose between investing in bond funds, money market funds or savings bonds

You would not want to choose the unknown, which will be akin to shooting in the dark.

Inflation rate drops for the 16th consecutive time

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS), on Wednesday, released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the month of May.

Why these foreign investors think the Naira will remain stable

Analysts at Franklin Templeton Investments and BlackRock Inc are of the opinion that the Central Bank of Nigeria will be able to keep Naira stable.
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Salary Earner? How to calculate your taxes using PAYE

We include a spreadsheet template that can easily help calculate your tax.