First Aluminium Nigeria Plc

Company Profile: Is First Aluminium still “the first”?

One company is credited for pioneering the aluminium roofing sheet movement in Nigeria, and it is aptly named First Aluminium Nigeria Plc.
OPEC Cut: Nigeria defies Quota, increases crude oil production

OPEC Cuts: Nigeria defies quota, increases crude production

Nigeria has defaulted in the agreement reached by the Organization Petroleum Exporting Country (OPEC) to cut crude oil production.
International Women’s Day, Only these 6 countries treat men and women equally in the world

Only 6 countries treat men and women equally in the world

From pre-colonial days to the current century, the role and status of Nigerian women have continued to evolve in Nigeria.
Nigerian Stock Exchange, Beta Glass, Forte Oil, Transcorp lead gainers chart on Wednesday, Law Union, AIICO, Honeywell top gainers’ chart on Wednesday, Investors lose N9.14 billion to bearish trades on Wednesday 

Nigerian Stocks gain N400 billion in February

The stock market opened the month of February at a market capitalisation of N11.424 trillion and closed at about N11.868 trillion.

Someone paid $308k fee for a $14 transaction, expensive mistake or donation?

Mistakes come in grades but a $308,000 mistake, that's a costly mistake!
NSE records 18.18% decline in banks' market capitalisation

Nigerian Stock Exchange to launch mutual funds trading platform

The NSE is set to start listing of mutual funds.
Nigeria Parallel Market Exchange Rate Daily

Naira retains rate against US Dollar at N360

Naira retained its value against the US dollar at $1/₦362 compared to its closing price on Friday at the Parallel market. It also maintained its value against the Pound Sterling and Euro at ₤1/₦473 and €1/₦400, respectively.
Ohara Pharmaceutical increases take in Fidson, Fidson and Ohara signs partnership, Fidson Healthcare Plc, Fidson list additional shares Fidson and GSK business partnership

Why the proposed Fidson Rights Issue is a good deal

The Board of Directors of Fidson Healthcare Plc have notified the Nigerian Stock Exchange and by so doing, the investment public, that the company...
FBN Money Market Fund

Fund Managers Association of Nigeria fails to meet Its 2018 goals

Fund Managers Association of Nigeria could not meet their prediction for 2018 which had a number of initiatives by the Association to grow the industry.
Pension fund, South Africa Pension scandal - Matshepo More

South Africa Pension scandal: How not to manage a Pension Fund

The scandalous crisis that has engulfed South Africa’s pension industry seems to be presenting pension fund managers all over Africa with case studies in pension fund management.
Price Watch: Average prices of Kerosene, Diesel and Gas in Nigeria

NBS report shows consumers paid more for Kerosene in January

Highlights The average price per litre of Kerosene increased by 5.35% month on month, and 6.03% year-on-year between December 2018 and...
Petrol price watch

Average price of PMS decreases by 23.7% in 2018

The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has released the Premium Motor Spirit (Popular known as Petrol) price watch for the month of January 2019.
mutual fund fees

Nigerian mutual funds made an estimated N1.9 billion gain in 2018

Nigerian mutual funds generated an estimated gain of N1.9 billion in 2018, to bring its total Net Asset Value to N648.2 billion.
Pension plan participation among Nigerians increases

Best Performing Pension Fund in January 2019

Nigerian pension funds continued their winning streak in January defiling the odds of stock market volatility to post positive gains.
Mutual Funds, Mutual Fund gone bad: Nigerian investor discloses his 10 years investment that nosedived , Nigeria’s mutual fund asset value reaches N1 Trillion

Stanbic IBTC Guaranteed made 14.41% in 2018

There is no doubt that 2018 was quite a challenging year for investors all over the world. The global market remained very volatile for...
pension funds, PenCom

Stanbic IBTC Pensions Is best performing retiree fund in 2018

In a year When the World’s largest pension fund, the Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund loses 9.1% or 14.8 trillion Japanese Yen, amounting to...

This is how Cryptocurrency works

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, encrypted digital assets that may be exchanged over a public ledger and verified through a process known as mining.
Aisha Dahir-Umar, PenCom, National Pension Commission, Pension Fund Assets in Nigeria, PenCom, National Pension Commission, Deals, Pension scheme, Pension funds, National Pension Commission, Retirement Savings Accounts

PenCom moves to deepen pension fund investment participation

PenCom has out doored yet another radio programme entitled, “PenCom on the radio”.
PENCOM, Pension Funds

Premium Pensions RSA fund tops 2018 pension fund performance

All Retirement Savings Accounts in the Nigerian pensions ecosystem ended the 2018 fiscal year in the green.

Blockchain: A 3 minutes explanation

Let me first start from what I think the problem Blockchain solves. Think about the files on your computer, the digital files on your...
Naira free float, Central Bank of Nigeria, Emefiele replies Atiku, Financial Derivatives Company Limited, Analysts

Nigeria’s Naira: To float or not to float

The presidential candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar recently advocated for the floating of the Nigerian currency, the Naira.
Quidax, Blockchain,

7 terms associated with blockchain that you should know

The Blockchain is a decentralized or a distributed ledger technology that allows a number of participants to maintain the ledger verifying and authenticating transactions
World Bank, Mineral,World Bank approves $2.2 billion loan as the country’s debt rises to over $80 billion 

Time for A Nigerian To Preside Over the World Bank

Nigeria has been known all over the world for various reasons, the good, the bad and at times, the ugly.
Mutual fund investments

Mutual fund investments success in American and what Nigeria can learn from this

The popularity of mutual funds and the part they play in retirement savings has long been embraced all over the world except in Nigeria.
Lafarge Africa provides grant for startups, Lafarge Africa’s latest earnings report reveals 8.5% decline in gross profit , Lafarge Africa gets new CFO one month after resignation of former finance director 

4 things to consider about the Lafarge Africa rights issue

Following the consolidation of Lafarge’s operations in Nigeria and South Africa, the company has reported negative earnings.
9mobile court case. Investors sue 9mobile, Owners of 9mobile, Teleology, 9mobile, KPI, NCC, CBN

What Teleology Nigeria must do to save 9mobile

This article seeks to highlight five areas of 9Mobile's business that will require urgent attention to turn the network's fortunes around in the shortest time possible.
Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco tops 2018 pension contribution tally

135 companies are in compliance with the conditions set by the commission and have been issued with compliance certificates for 2019.
power distribution NERC

Insufficient power supply remains the greatest business constraint in Nigeria

The survey which was carried out with a sample size of 1,050 businesses comprising of small, medium and large organisations.
PENCOM, Pension Funds

FG borrows additional N166 billion from Pension Funds

Pension funds investment in FG issued securities increased in the month of October.
Standing Deposit Facility, 12 states

Recent data shows Nigerians are taking their retirement seriously

It appears that the radio program started recently by PenCom is already paying off.