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Two High Dividend Yield Thinly Traded Stocks to Boost Your Earnings

It may be time to begin to strategise on what needs to be done in 2019 to improve investment returns.

For SET Plc, failure in lottery shifts focus to online gaming

Nigeria's gaming industry has continued to thrive, thanks to Nigerians' love for sports.

Understanding dirty vs clean price in bond investing

Most Nigerian bonds quoted on FMDQ website are priced or quoted clean.
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Nigerians prefer low interest rates over lower inflation rates

Nigerians have indicated that they prefer interest rates to fall, while inflation rate rises, if given the chance to choose between inflation and interest rates.

India overtakes Netherlands as Nigeria’s major export partner

India overtook Netherlands to become Nigeria’s leading export trading partner.

This little known stock has been the best dividend yielding stock in Nigeria since...

Smart Products Nigeria Plc is in the business of processing of palm kernel oil in Nigeria.

Nigeria – Norway trade Volume hits $30 billion

Trade volume between Nigeria and Norway recorded a new high of $30 billion.
Chang Yun Chun

Story of the world’s oldest billionaire will inspire you a lot

The world's oldest billionaire is 100-year old Chang Yun Chung. He is a shipping magnate who lives a private life and keeps away from the press.
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How to convert customers’ feedback into actionable business decision

Business owners are often tasked with managing countless customer requests. They should also be keenly aware that they need not allow their business plans to be driven solely by these requests.

New snacks are knocking out Meat Pie from event tables

Social events in Nigeria have become bigger than they were about 30 years ago.
Microfinance banks

FX inflows into Nigeria dip 20% in Q3 2018

CBN economic report for third quarter show aggregate foreign exchange inflow into the economy amounted to US$26.01 billion at end-September 2018.

How to make side money from the World Cup

Here is a quick list of things you can engage in during this period of the World cup that will sure get you some cash.

NSE to sanction Fidelity Bank, others for late filing of reports

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has announced plans to sanction 28 companies for failing to meet post-listing requirements.

These companies will be having their AGMs this week

Here is a recap of stocks that had corporate actions last week and those expected this week. Corporate actions include payment of dividends, closure of...
Multi Fund Structure

September mutual fund performance ranking

The Nigerian stock market continued its lacklustre performance in September by recording a month to date, MTD, negative performance of 6.05% to bring its Year to date, YTD, performance to minus 14.39%.
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Nigeria leads Africa in Non-Performing Loans

A non-performing loan (NPL) is a loan that is several months overdue or in default.

Nigeria’s External Reserves drop below $47billion below for first time in 4 months

Nigeria's external reserves suffered a major drop during the week as CBN data reveals the country's external reserve position was $46.8 billion as at...
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How to standout in a saturated market

Saturated markets are everywhere. A saturated market is an active market.
Initial Public Offering

Money management guides for stock market trading

Stock investing is not just an art, it is a science and those that understand the science of the stock market are prone to succeed.
Treasury Bills or Commercial Papers

Should I invest in Treasury Bills or Commercial Papers?

Investing in the capital market, like most productive endeavors in life, presents with choices.
energy drinks

Monster Energy drink leads Nigeria’s Energy drink market amidst health concerns

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of energy drinks in the Nigerian market.
FCMB - nairametrics

FCMB Plc takes one step ahead

FCMB was established in 1982, as a merchant bank.

How to choose between FGN bond, savings bond, others

All that you need is to know the settlement date of the bond.
NEM Director at a recent AGM. Source: NEM

People have made money buying or selling these stocks

As we enter into the second month of the third quarter of the year, the Nigerian Stock Market is down 4.2% Year to date...
MTN Nigeria

REVEALED: MTN’s recent trouble was prompted by a whistleblower

As more facts continue to emerge about MTN's recent troubles with the Nigerian authorities, it has been revealed that a whistleblower gave the tipoff...

Understanding stock trading orders

Stock investing is so different from going to the market to buy groceries or electronics.
Nigerian stocks, Buy Sell Hold

Buy/Sell/Hold: Fix your eyes on these stocks for next week

Stocks on our Buy/Sell/Hold list are drawn from gainers and losers.
Greif Nigeria Plc

FOCUS: The drum business has failed Greif Nigeria Plc in 2018 

The company recently released its third quarter 2018 financial result, and it is abysmal.
Shea Butter

How Nigeria can earn $10 billion annually from Shea butter exports

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that Nigeria earned N101.97 billion from the export of only Shea oil in the first quarter of 2018.

Nigeria’s alternative investment assets grow at a slower rate

The Nigerian alternative investment space represented by pension and mutual funds saw their assets increase at a slow rate.