Have you prepared your 2019 budget yet?

Budgeting is the process of creating and following an explicit plan for spending and investing the resources available to you.
Lafarge, Nigeria investment outlook

This cement stock has dropped to a 5 year low

Cement giant, Lafarge Africa, hit a 5-year low of N11.50 in yesterday’s trading session on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Nigerian Stock Exchange demutualisation bill

These were the best and worst performing stocks in 2018

2018 was a bearish one on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) as the All Share Index closed in the red.
Buhari and the Banks

Economy on backburner in President Buhari’s new year message

Forthcoming elections seem to be uppermost in the mind of President Muhammadu Buhari, going by his 2019 New Year message. The President, made no mention...
Abbey Mortgage Bank Plc

The Abbey is going down again

Abbey Mortgage Bank (formerly known as Abbey Building Society) last week hit a 5-year low of N0.98.
C&I Leasing Plc, Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, Suspension

How does the capital restructuring of C&I Leasing affect me as a shareholder?

Following the proposed and ongoing capital restructuring and the subsequent suspension of trading on the shares of C&I Leasing Plc,
Nigerian healthcare system

A Glance at the HealthTech and Healthcare startup space in Nigeria

It almost goes without saying that, the Nigerian healthcare system is in an abysmal state. 
Moving averages

Moving average cross over alert

The author of this article holds investments in AIICO plc and Fidelity Plc, none of which has been the motivation for this article.
Moving averages

Using moving averages cross over to pick stocks

In my last article on moving averages, I discussed how moving averages can be used to make stock selection decisions.
CMB economic outlook for 2019, Nigerian Pension Fund, Non-Performing Loans, Inflation, Unemployment, CBN, Naira

Nigeria leads Africa in Non-Performing Loans

A non-performing loan (NPL) is a loan that is several months overdue or in default.
Understanding the dynamics of Interest rates on loan

Understanding the dynamics of Interest rates on loan

One important issue when giving out loans that cannot be overemphasised is the issue of interest rate.
Nigeria's cashew nuts exports fall by 74%

Nigeria’s cashew nuts exports fall by 74%

Nigeria recorded a massive 74% drop in exports of Cashew Nuts in Shell according to the third quarter foreign trade report of the National Bureau of Statistics.
Inflation, private sector loans, NBS

How to standout in a saturated market

Saturated markets are everywhere. A saturated market is an active market.

This conglomerate has hit a 5 year low

AG Leventis Plc, a conglomerate listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange hit a 5 year low of N0.27 in yesterday's trading session.
Instgram Vendors

Instagram vendors and the dilemma of ‘No Refunds’

while sellers are expected to deliver goods that are not fundamentally defective, buyers are also expected to manage their expectations.

Another bleak year for MRS Oil

MRS was incorporated as Texaco Nigeria Limited on the 12th of August, 1969.
Business half hour, BHH Podcast, Oluyomi Ojo

BHH Podcast: How I started Afritickets by Olaotan Towry-Coker

Business Half Hour is a podcast show targeted at Startups and Entrepreneurs.
Nigerian Stock Exchange demutualisation bill

Two High Dividend Yield Thinly Traded Stocks to Boost Your Earnings

It may be time to begin to strategise on what needs to be done in 2019 to improve investment returns.
Tech Roundup

Tech roundup: MTN joins the league of IoT, you may use 5G in your...

We go behind the scenes, focusing on some of the major talking points and backstories just to keep you updated with the latest developments in the tech space.
Chang Yun Chun

Story of the world’s oldest billionaire will inspire you a lot

The world's oldest billionaire is 100-year old Chang Yun Chung. He is a shipping magnate who lives a private life and keeps away from the press.

This is why you should be consistent with your investment and retirement account

When it comes to consistency in investment, it is not only the consistency of fund or investment performance that matters
Business half hour, BHH Podcast, Oluyomi Ojo

BHH Podcast: The story behind my-medicine.com by Morakinyo Adejare

Business Half Hour is a podcast targeted at Startups and Entrepreneurs.

How to Select Dividend Stocks in Nigeria market

The first step in hunting for and evaluating/analyzing dividend paying stocks is to look for list of dividend stocks in Nigeria.

Focus on CAP Plc: Painting Nigeria since 1957 

This week's Nairametrics company focus, Chemical and Allied Products Plc, is one of the biggest paint manufacturers in Nigeria.
FGN Savings Bond

Why buy FGN savings bond

The Debt Management Office will open for subscription the December 2018 edition of the monthly FGN Savings Bond issues.
MTN Group Limited

CBN Governor confirms battle with MTN is close to settlement

The legal tussle between the telecommunications giant, MTN Nigeria and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) may be close to a settlement.

Nigeria’s alternative investment assets grow at a slower rate

The Nigerian alternative investment space represented by pension and mutual funds saw their assets increase at a slow rate.
billionaire watch

Billionaire Watch: Billionaire families on the NSE

Here is a list of some dynasties on the Exchange and how they are faring succession-wise.
Problems with Nigeria's banking sector

FX inflows into Nigeria dip 20% in Q3 2018

CBN economic report for third quarter show aggregate foreign exchange inflow into the economy amounted to US$26.01 billion at end-September 2018.
Multi Fund Structure

The 4 mutual funds to count on for consistent returns

A consistent fund is one that delivers returns that are above its benchmark almost all the time. Consistency of returns is one of the things smart investors