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Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

ORide is fast penetrating the market by leveraging on the N100 bonus offer to any destination of any distance within Lagos. This move has attracted the competitors’ customers, at least if not for anything, till the promo offer ends. 
Is Bitcoin Still Making Money In Nigeria in 2019?

Is Bitcoin Still Making Money In Nigeria in 2019?

Bitcoin is one of the biggest phenomena in the past decade as the emergence of the popular cryptocurrency has changed the financial landscape.
startup funding - venture capital

Why your business is not Venture Capital backable

Once I listen to their pitches, I usually know if they will be able to raise the money from a VC or not.
Samsung Galaxy Fold screen malfunction, Samsung launch Galaxy Fold, Foldable phones

Samsung’s N712,000 foldable ‘Galaxy Fold’ can break without falling

Dear future owners of Galaxy Fold, there is one thing you need to know before you purchase the new innovation which is valued at N720,000.
Tech Roundup

Tech roundup: Africa’s fastest train not in Nigeria

Nairametrics’ weekly tech news roundup brings you a compilation of the major tech events and activities that made the news. 
GENCOS, Electricity, Power plant

Power generation drops, as GENCOs now operate below capacity

The total power generation in Nigeria has been moving between 3,000 megawatts and 3,500 megawatts in the last few months.
Financial Inclusion, Bank Verification Number

How CBN has been lagging on its own financial inclusion drive

Data suggests that CBN has been lagging in its drive to achieve 80% financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Technology & regulation: How to avoid another ponzi scheme

I am not sure about the education these technology platforms give their users.
Mobile Phone user, MTN bans Glo calls, MTN lift ban on Glo calls

Mobile data in Nigeria among Africa’s cheapest

The high fee charged by MNOs on the continent makes the cost of data very expensive for most Africans.

Dear Entrepreneur; Ease of doing business is not an excuse for failure by @aremofisayo

Introduction Speaking with entrepreneurs across all walks of life, one major theme keeps recurring – Nigeria is a difficult place to do business. It appears...
smart phones

Apple iPhone Xs vs. iPhone X: What difference does a year make?

For those choosing between the X and the Xs, we’d definitely opt for the newer iPhone.
Digital System

Why Nigeria’s tech ecosystem shouldn’t be built exclusively with foreign capital

Funding this digital evolution shouldn’t be with foreign capital alone.
financial inclusion, Lagos

Who is Solving the Financial Inclusion Problem in Lagos?

The financial inclusion narrative has become an old horse.

How Tech is Disrupting Nigeria’s Transport Ecosystem – Part 4 (Season Finale)

I will be writing more about the incumbents and how they are reacting and sometimes leading the drive for innovation.

How tech is disrupting Nigeria’s transport ecosystem – part 3

Logistics is no doubt one of the biggest pain points of any consumer and industrial goods business.

How tech is disrupting Nigeria’s transport ecosystem – part 2

So, last week I started a “thread” to figure out the evolution of Nigeria’s transportation technology ecosystem.
Start-ups Funding Rounds

3 things you need to do if you want your tech business in Nigeria...

Everyday we hear of new startups in Silicon Valley raising money for their businesses.

I just used UBA’s “LEO” and this is what I think

The UBA LEO chat banking bot was officially launched in January 2018.
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Ray Dalio

A Billionaire recommends 3 Strategies to Create Wealth

Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, has pointed out to young investors three strategies they should adopt inorder to create wealth.

CBN Governor finally breaks silence on FOREX restrictions for food imports

@cenbank governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, has finally responded to FG announcement on the ban on FOREX restriction for food importation.
FIRS, Tax bills

Leaked Memo: Chief of Staff queries Fowler for failing to meet tax budget.

A memo, purportedly written from the office of the Chief of Staff to the President Abba Kyari to the Chairman of the FIRS, Babatunde Fowler circulated around social media on Sunday.