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GENCOS, Electricity, Power plant

Power generation drops, as GENCOs now operate below capacity

The total power generation in Nigeria has been moving between 3,000 megawatts and 3,500 megawatts in the last few months.
Financial Inclusion, Bank Verification Number

How CBN has been lagging on its own financial inclusion drive

Data suggests that CBN has been lagging in its drive to achieve 80% financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Technology & regulation: How to avoid another ponzi scheme

I am not sure about the education these technology platforms give their users.
Mobile Phone user

Mobile data in Nigeria among Africa’s cheapest

The high fee charged by MNOs on the continent makes the cost of data very expensive for most Africans.

Dear Entrepreneur; Ease of doing business is not an excuse for failure by @aremofisayo

Introduction Speaking with entrepreneurs across all walks of life, one major theme keeps recurring – Nigeria is a difficult place to do business. It appears...

Apple iPhone Xs vs. iPhone X: What difference does a year make?

For those choosing between the X and the Xs, we’d definitely opt for the newer iPhone.

Why Nigeria’s tech ecosystem shouldn’t be built exclusively with foreign capital

Funding this digital evolution shouldn’t be with foreign capital alone.
financial inclusion

Who is Solving the Financial Inclusion Problem in Lagos?

The financial inclusion narrative has become an old horse.

How Tech is Disrupting Nigeria’s Transport Ecosystem – Part 4 (Season Finale)

I will be writing more about the incumbents and how they are reacting and sometimes leading the drive for innovation.

How tech is disrupting Nigeria’s transport ecosystem – part 3

Logistics is no doubt one of the biggest pain points of any consumer and industrial goods business.

How tech is disrupting Nigeria’s transport ecosystem – part 2

So, last week I started a “thread” to figure out the evolution of Nigeria’s transportation technology ecosystem.
Startup Funding Rounds

3 things you need to do if you want your tech business in Nigeria...

Everyday we hear of new startups in Silicon Valley raising money for their businesses.

I just used UBA’s “LEO” and this is what I think

The UBA LEO chat banking bot was officially launched in January 2018.
startup funding - nairametrics

Why your business is not VC backable

Once I listen to their pitches, I usually know if they will be able to raise the money from a VC or not.


Julian Osula, Julian's Luxury

Meet Julian Osula, the billionaire who disrupted traffic with a helicopter

Finally, the identity of the billionaire that disrupted traffic along Lagos-Benin Expressway has been revealed.
Emir Sanusi and Buhari, CBN, Central Bank of Nigeria

Sanusi declares Nigeria under Buhari a Bankrupt Nation

Former @centbank Governor, Emir Sanusi says Nigeria is bankrupt under President Buhari and this is why.
NPF Microfinance Bank loses N230 million to rogue staff

NPF Microfinance Bank loses N230 million to rogue staff

NPF Microfinance Bank in its 2018 financial statements disclosed a staff defrauded the bank of N230 million.