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Ranking: Best Performing PFA’s in Nigeria as at June 2019

Thie list contains the best performing PFA's in Nigeria since the introduction of the multi-fund structure for pension funds.
Mutual Funds, debt service

Debt servicing gulps N7.04 trillion under President Buhari’s administration

Nigeria's rising debt profile is fast becoming a worrisome trend. Successive governments have, over the years, spent a large chunk of the country's revenue to service debts.
Here's why Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s fastest-growing mobile region

Here’s why Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s fastest-growing mobile region

@GSMA has revealed that Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s fastest-growing mobile region. With an economy valued at more than $150 Billion in 2018, the region is expected to maintain this position in the coming years.
shopping mall prices

Why A Drop In Inflation Does Not Necessarily Mean A Drop In Prices Of...

Why A Drop In Inflation Does Not Necessarily Mean A Drop In Prices Of Commodities #Inflation #prices of #commodities.
the best mobile banking apps

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019

See the best Nigerian mobile banking apps in H1 2019 #Banking #Apps
Nigerian Millennials

Nigerian Millennials have figured where to invest their money

This why Nigerian Millennials will rather invest in cryptocurrency and ponzi scheme.
Real Estate Investment Trusts

Key things to consider when investing in real estate investment trusts

One of my avid readers has asked me about how he can get into investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts.
Cutix Plc, dividend

Company Profile: How profitable is Cutix Plc considering its dominance?

It is in this regard that Cutix Plc has been playing a major role over the past three decades, manufacturing and distributing assorted, quality cables used in the conduct of electricity across the country.
insurance, need, Investing in stocks Photo by Mark Finn on Unsplash

Why do I need an insurance

Why do I need an insurance
Learn about expense ratio

Find out how much fee your fund manager charges

Find out how much fee your fund manager charges
Cable TV

How Cable TV could die in Nigeria

It’s a football weekend, but something is missing. The usual deafening screams and chants have gone silent; the football viewing center in your street has been replaced by a grocery store. Not because people are no longer watching matches, but this is 2030 and no one needs Cable TV.
Nigeria's H2 Macroeconomic outlook

According to CSL’s H2 economic outlook, Nigeria is walking on eggshells

For r Nigeria's H2 Macroeconomic outlook, we maintain our growth forecast for the Nigerian economy at 2.1% y/y in 2019.

Signing AfCTA agreement; Our concerns for Nigeria by CSL Stockbrokers

Over the weekend, the president, as earlier announced, signed the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) agreement at an extraordinary summit of the African Union (AU) in Niger Republic.
AfCFTA, NECA, AfCFTA National Action Committee

How AfCFTA affects every Nigerian Business

A detailed breakdown of howAfCFTA affects Nigerian businesses and the economy in general.
Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc

Focus: Is Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc still listed on the NSE?

Occasionally, some companies flout these rules and it is understandable. However, what is not understandable is when companies like Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc consistently fail to release any financial statement for four whole years.

Random RUGA stats. What is 63.81 percent?

There has been a lot of talk about RUGA recently. Apparently, there may be a National Livestock Plan driven by the Vice President’s office which is different from the RUGA initiative which was pushed by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Start-ups Funding Rounds

Common legal mistakes start-ups make

Common legal mistakes start-ups make
tech Startup funding, Partech African fund, Business, Corporate News Roundup

How to make customer experience translate to revenue growth

Customer experience is the impression you leave with your customer.
Sovereign Trust Insurance

Why Sovereign Trust Insurance’s Proposed Rights Issue Does not Make Economic Sense

Recently, Sovereign Trust Insurance Plc notified NSE  that its right issue of 4,170,411,648 ordinary shares has opened for subscription.
FSDH Merchant Bank Ltd, Inflation rate, private sector loans, NBS

How to standout in a saturated market

Saturated markets are everywhere. A saturated market is an active market.
Customer service, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty

How to keep your customers coming back

On average, your loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.
Uber Boat

Should Gokada be afraid as Uber launches boat service in Lagos?

US ride-hailing company, @Uber, is set to face off in stiff competition with Gokada, as it announces a plan to help Nigeria (particularly Lagos) to solve its traffic issue through the launch of boat service.
Forex, NIGERIA: Daily Parallel Market, Exchange Rate

NIGERIA: Daily Parallel Market Exchange Rate (June 28th 2019)

Parallel market exchange rate between the Naira and three of the world's major currencies.
Why Airtel's IPO is not for you.

Why Airtel’s IPO is not for you.

Airtel Nigeria Ltd has opened its much awaited Initial Public Offering in Nigeria.
Market interest

Coronation Research Nigeria Weekly Update: The public and the private sectors

As we come to the end the first half of 2019 Nigeria's monetary authorities can give themselves a pat on the back.
U.S-China Trade War

Critical times for Nigeria’s oil money as US-China trade war escalates

Global trade is currently at a standstill, as the Chinese president Xi Jinping and his U.S counterpart President Donald Trump prepare to meet at the G-20 summit in Japan this week.
Forte Oil Plc, Femi Otedola, Forte Oil to change name, Olumide Adeosun

What next for Forte Oil Plc following Prudent Energy’s takeover?

Femi Otedola's exit from the @forteoilng means Prudent Energy the new key shareholder will have to make several key decisions.
Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

Should Gokada and Max.ng be afraid of ORide?

ORide is fast penetrating the market by leveraging on the N100 bonus offer to any destination of any distance within Lagos. This move has attracted the competitors’ customers, at least if not for anything, till the promo offer ends. 
Money market fund investments

INSIGHT: Why you really should consider investing in mutual fund today

A Mutual Fund is a Trust or Company that pools money from many investors and invests in a specified class of securities such as stocks, bonds, real estate or a balanced mix of asset classes.
Nigeria's healthcare sector

How Government’s under-investment is limiting growth in health sector

Despite the plethora of opportunities for health care providers and drug makers, underinvestment by the government in Nigeria's health care sector has made it difficult to attract investments.
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Police shuts Opay office in Kano

Emerging reports have it that the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has shut down the office of online payment portal, OPay.
CBN, Key lending rate

CBN offers clarification on cashless policy, but Nigerians aren’t having it 

Nigerians are not here for CBN's (@cenbank) tweet this morning trying to clarify the rather controversial cashless policy.

Eurobonds in Nigeria: What they are and how to invest in them

Eurobonds in Nigeria: What they are and how to invest in them