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Analysis of companies, stocks, investments, products and services, economy, budgets, business decisions in the Nigerian economic space.

IMF cuts global economy growth forecast; hits at strain in emerging markets

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut its global growth forecast in its October 2108 World Economic Outlook (WEO). The IMF dropped its growth forecast by...
Atiku vs Buhari, Donald Duke

Atiku vs Buhari: Who can manage the economy better?

Atiku Abubakar will be President Buhari’s main challenger come February 16, 2019.
Nigerian business websites

Websites of biggest Nigerian companies ranked worst to best 

In Nigeria, business owners who understand the importance of good websites are willing to spend millions of naira to get one.
Investing in stocks Photo by Mark Finn on Unsplash

Why do I need an insurance

5 years ago, one Saturday morning, I climbed a 27 feet ladder to clean the gutters on the roof of our house after the...
Atiku Abubakar

Atikulated Economy: What to expect from Atiku if he wins 2019 elections

On Sunday, former Vice President of the country, Atiku Abubakar, won the presidential primaries of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with 1532 votes, beating...

Technology & regulation: How to avoid another ponzi scheme

I am not sure about the education these technology platforms give their users.

Now may be a great time to buy bonds

As bond prices drop following rising rates, investors may be presented with opportunities to add to their bond investments especially those that intend to hold such bond till maturity.
Treasury bills, mutual funds, retirement funds

How I Would Invest My Mother’s Retirement Funds

After weighing all the pros and cons, this is how I have decided to invest her money.
Nigerian sea port

How importation is killing Nigeria’s economy

A total of $411.32 billion worth of goods have been imported into the country, between 2010 and 2017.
Agriculture Fast Track

Focus on Notore Chemical Industries Plc’s commitment to Africa’s food security

There is a company in Nigeria that is playing a major role towards remedying this situation. That company is Notore Chemical Industries Plc.
Naira vs dollas, IMF, Foreign Reserves, External reserves, CBN

Ahead of the FOMC meeting: what’s next for the USD and emerging market

The general consensual expectation of the FOMC meeting from the Fed on its monetary policy stance in its September meeting was a 25bp interest rate...

Common legal mistakes start-ups make

Mistakes are certainly a part of life and are ways of learning.
Naira vs dollas, IMF, Foreign Reserves, External reserves, CBN

Nigeria’s currency stability persists at the expense of external reserves

The reserves, which stood at $47.79 billion as at July 5, dropped to $45.23 billion as at September 13.
Ellah Lakes Plc

Ellah Lakes Plc, a company struggling to feed Nigerians with fish

Due to the high rate of fish consumption in Nigeria, there is an ever-growing demand for the commodity in the country.
Non-Performing Loans, Inflation, Unemployment, CBN, Naira

Lagos remains the state with the highest debt profile

Nigerian total debt stock stood at $73.21 billion in Q2 2018.

Mobile data in Nigeria among Africa’s cheapest

The high fee charged by MNOs on the continent makes the cost of data very expensive for most Africans.
Non-Performing Loans, Inflation, Unemployment, CBN, Naira

Emerging markets getting “A Relief”

In Africa, the Nigerian All Share Index rose by 0.56% on Tuesday.
Value Added Tax modification order for power sector

Value Added Tax modification order to change the face of power sector

The Order is intended to provide the legal basis for a single point of VAT collection in the electricity value chain
Imoni Akpofure

GTBank Director, Imoni Akpofure gets new appointment

Africa50 have approved the expansion of the Board of Directors to include at least half independent directors.

Company Profile: Auditors wanted this engineering firm to close shop

The company is immersed in a serious debt crisis amounting to billions of Naira.

Dear Entrepreneur; Ease of doing business is not an excuse for failure by @aremofisayo

Introduction Speaking with entrepreneurs across all walks of life, one major theme keeps recurring – Nigeria is a difficult place to do business. It appears...

Apple iPhone Xs vs. iPhone X: What difference does a year make?

For those choosing between the X and the Xs, we’d definitely opt for the newer iPhone.

Latest: Top 10 agricultural exports from Nigeria

the total value of exported agricultural products in Q2 2018 was N85.9 billion, compared to N73.25 billion in the previous quarter of Q1 2018
Diesel Price

Average Price of Diesel Hits ₦207.98 in August

The report also shows that Nasarawa State has the lowest average price.
fuel scarcity, oil marketers

Average Petrol Price Rises to ₦146.90 in August

The report also shows that Bauchi State has the lowest average price

Here are licensing terms to protect your ideas

A licensing agreement is a legal contract between two parties.
Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar-Malami Pix Source: Guardian Newspaper.

These are the Powers of the Attorney General of Nigeria

The office of the Attorney General (AG) of the Federation has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks especially due to the controversy surrounding...

Once a pacesetter, this media company is now a shadow of itself

There was a time when every discourse about independent radio and TV broadcasting in Nigeria revolved around this company.
Nigerian people

Key macroeconomic indices show Buharinomics is falling apart

Nigerian economy is still very fragile and is now falling from the post-recessional economic recovery it made, especially in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2017. 

FIRS Enforcement Action: When the End does not Justify the Means

FIRS was able to grow tax collections by 7.7%.