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Live and work in Canada

How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency from Nigeria on Your Own

We live in a world where we have many more opportunities today than we did yesterday. So many people can move, travel and build...
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

The New Flexible Exchange Rate Policy Details Explained

Today, the CBN jumped the shark and went for a float. This article explains what this all means.

This Is The Full 2015 Nigerian Budget Speech (Updated)

The Budget office finally released the full transcript of the 2015 Budget speech which is much more comprehensive than the one earlier put up...
Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria, SEC might nullify Access Bank and Diamond Bank merger, Access Bank and Diamond Bank

Why Access Bank is acquiring Diamond Bank

Nairametrics confirms that a merger deal between Access Bank Plc and Diamond Bank will be announced on or before Close of Business Monday, December...

Here is How Much You Pay as Electricity bill in Your State

The Federal Government in January 2016, introduced new electricity tariffs raising rates by a whopping 40%. The government explained that this was necessary to...

CBN to lose N7.6 billion in tax payers money for selling dollars to Hajj...

The Central Bank of Nigeria has issued a circular instructing commercial banks to sell dollars to Pilgrims going to the Hajj at an exchange...
Side Hustle Business

15 Lucrative businesses one can own as a side hustle

Many people are looking to leave their 9 to 5 job for something that feeds their passion or something that supplements income from their regular jobs.
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

It’s Official: CBN Floats The Naira, The Implications For You And I

The Central Bank Governor has just announced a full float of the Naira in a press conference in Abuja. The CBN Governor informed a...
Diamond bank

This Should Give You Sleepless Nights If You Have Anything To Do With Diamond...

Ratings Agency S&P Global has issued its latest opinion on the financial health of Nigeria's Diamond Bank Plc. The bank was basically downgraded to...
How young Nigerians invest

Exclusive: A look at how young Nigerians invest their money nowadays 

As his phone finally buzzed with the notification of his salary payment, John pondered whether to stick to his investment plans or cheat for the last time. 

Nigeria: Daily Official Exchange Rate Tracker (Updated 16/9/2016)

Official exchange rate of the Naira and three major world currencies.

Nigeria’s vehicle population data reveals towering opportunities

The National Bureau of Statistics revealed that as at the third quarter of 2017, Nigeria had about 11,547,236 motor vehicles...

Why Our Result Was Disappointing – Dangote Flour Mills

  Dangote Flour Mills released its 2013 9 months results with the company posting a pre-tax loss of N8.4billion. The results was as disastrous as...

Is Nigeria really practising Democracy?

Democracy ought to refer to ‘government of the people, by the people and for the people. By this simple definition, a layman can easily...

NIGERIA: Exchange Rate Today (20/6/2016)

The price didn't drop as expected as the new floating regime took effect today.

On The Brink: First Bank’s Latest Results Confirms Our Worst Fears….

FBN Holdings Plc, Nigeria’s largest lender is at the brisk of collapse as Non Performing Loans (NPLS) hits 18.90 percent, crossing the 5.0 percent threshold set by the regulators.

List Of Banks That Meet CBN’s Criteria For Primary Market Dealers (FXPDs)

The Central Bank revealed guidelines for its new flexible exchange rate policy on Wednesday following the press conference by the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele....
Nigerian business websites

Websites of biggest Nigerian companies ranked worst to best 

In Nigeria, business owners who understand the importance of good websites are willing to spend millions of naira to get one.
Investment options for salary earners - bank loan

Investment options for the salary earners

Since salary is assumed to be the only source of income for the salaried, it is advisable that such an individual fortify himself financially before investing.

Frequently Asked Questions: Nigeria’s New Exchange Rate Policy

Flexible Exchange Rate Policy; Frequently Asked Questions.   A new dawn in Nigeria's exchange rate policy was ushered in on Monday June 20th by the Central...

These Are The Nigerians Benefiting From The Fall Of The Naira

The Naira has plunged more than 70% in the black market when compared to the parallel market since the Central Bank adopted its "managed...

What My Aboki, Buzu, Said I Should Do If I have Dollars

We have been inundated with messages from our readers asking about what they should do with the forex they currently have considering the new...
CBN Gov Godiwn Emefiele

Oops: Buhari Approved N250 to $1

According to an exclusive report from Reuters
Sports betting

Economics of $2 billion Sports Betting Industry in Nigeria

There is no doubt that Nigerians love sports and it is no longer just about entertainment; it is also about making money.
Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

This is the best Mutual Fund in Nigeria this year so far

Data from the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) says there are 73 Mutual Funds in the country as at March 29, 2018. The Mutual Funds...
Muhamadu Buhari

This is Nigeria’s 2018 Budget Breakdown

Capital expenditure (excluding transfers) higher by 22% from N2.36 trillion in FY2017 to N2.87 trillion.

8 Bogus Expenses suggests why Wapic shareholders may be stuck at 50kobo

Wapic Plc, a Nigerian Insurance Company recently declared dividends of 3kobo per share out of an earnings per share  of about 10 kobo. The...
Securities and Exchange Commission Nigeria, SEC might nullify Access Bank and Diamond Bank merger, Access Bank and Diamond Bank

Can Access Bank actually buy Diamond Bank? How it could happen

The banking sector was rocked by a purportedly reported that Access Bank was considering acquiring Diamond Bank Plc.

Difference Between WDAS & RDAS

The Central Bank recently introduced sweeping Foreign Exchange guidelines that is expected to eliminate or drastically reduce money laundering as we approach another election...
Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds: Small seeds that could be Nigeria’s black gold

Sesame seeds is a flower plant that has a variety of relatives spread across Africa.


Application for Canadian Permanent Residency hits 27900

Applications for Canadian Permanent Residency hit 27,900 in 4 months

According to the April edition of the Canadian Immigration Newsletter, Canada has issued a total of 27,900 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to Express Entry candidates so far in 2019. 
Canadian permanent residency

Canada invited 3,350 Express Entry Candidates to apply for PR in its April draw

Canada invited 3,350 Express Entry candidates to apply for Canadian permanent residency (PR) in a new draw held on April 17. This is contained in the country's recently released monthly newsletter.

GTBank holds 2019 AGM in Lagos to discuss important company matters

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc held its 29th  annual general meeting (AGM)  in Lagos, yesterday, to deliberated on a number of important issues.