Alert: Presco Plc Post 772% Growth In Profits (2016 FY Result)

Presco Plc today released audited results for the financial year ended 31 December 2016

Revenue N’000

FY 2016| N15,716,198

FY 2015| N10,448,353

%age change|50%

Profit after tax  N’000

FY 2016| N21,735,465

FY 2015| N2,493,595

%age change|772%

EPS (kobo)

FY 2016|0.22k

FY 2015|0.02k

%age change|N/A



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Can this be real? PAT at over 38% above revenue? Revenue for the year is N15.7 billion while PAT is N21.7 billion? Abeg, make we check these numbers wella. Please share the link to the financials as always.

Thanks Nairametrics for the regular updates.

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