Alert: Access Bank Plc Release 2016 Quater Two Earnings

Access Bank Plc released its 2016 Q2 results for the period ended June 30 2016 ; See below


Access Bank Plc
Access Bank 2016 2015 %age Change
N’000 N’000
Net Interest Income   68,450,667  48,162,889 42%
Pre-tax profits   50,022,929  39,113,344 28%
Profit after tax   39,486,712  31,287,097 26%
EPS(kobo) 161 136 18%


This result was officially released on the 19th of August 2016.

Download (PDF, 3.55MB)

Source: Nigerian Stock Exchange

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This present govt is taking measures that would have done more than 30 yrs ago.this is unpresedented in Nigerian history,their first budget was aimed at human diginity and personal development,but I felt it will not bring the changes faster and soonest, that will transform Nigeria for good and forever,I.E FOR THE SINE QUO NON TO HAPPEN,THEY MUST INTERGRATED THE PRIVATE SECTOR, into the economy,govt and the private moving together,with the govt setting the tone and regulating,the economy.
Under the PDP govt,the govt refuses to recognizes other sector of the economy,the poor,the innovative and the creative sector of the economy.IF THIS INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE SECTOR IS SET FREE,IT WILL BRING THE BALANCING OF THE NIGERIAN ECONOMY.which I think is the major reason for this recession,and why it is servere.
What is the creative and innovative sector ?it’s the microeconomy of Nigeria that will make Nigeria a super power within the next 20 is the manufacturing,the service supporting and balancing company, that will bring the harmony and synergy in Nigerian economy,the financial services,i.e through innovative financial engineering,that will bring prospective investors/enterprenuer and their weapon(credit facilities) to realizes their dream as a human being.,the writers,film producers,music producer,media and communicator,publicist
The late Bola Ige said we want Nigeria to be a super power in some way.a lot of Nigeria do harbours this dream, and to most Nigerian, ” it,s far-fetched “,now it,s possible for Nigeria to be a super power.this medinum economy planby this govt,is still aimed at human development,but integrated the previous private sector economic activity,a dual action,Gen Babangida’s SAP was aimed at private sector driven economy,that is why 70 % of Nigeria are living at poverty level.
Did somebody said lagos discovered about 5 new oil field,the price of the barrel of oil did raises by 2 dollars in the few week,it’s possible will raises again,but I doubt it will reaches 100 $ per barrel again,there is oil in Benue State,so is in Enugu State. I saw it my eyes a black oily tick substance liquid sepping out of the ground,in one of Enugu closed coalmine.The governor of Enugu State should pays me finding fee,i do have an account with first bank and UBA,at my exchange of e-mail with the governor,i will reveal my bank a/c number
This present govt is still suprisng us.they plan to built 370 dams across Nigeria,by next year,for agriculture purposes,we do do knows they cost and the sizes of those dam,if true or possible,nigeria can generate about 10 megamatt to 100 magematt, from each dam,by 2018 Nigeria could have met it’s electricity demand

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