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Nairametrics is one of the fastest growing investing and personal finance websites in Nigeria. The website attracts retail investors from Nigeria and in diaspora, interested in investing in Nigeria.

With over 100,000 visitors monthly, our website serves a retail investing audience that is young, old, lower class, middle class and upper class with a huge appetite for financial resource that can help satisfy their dynamic investing needs.

Visitors to Nairametrics include both active and passive investors interested in tracking the performance of their investments, searching for new and viable investment opportunities as well as expanding their knowledge of investing, personal finance and the economy. We also have visitors who are new to investing and seeking the right resource and vehicle to help achieve their investing goals.

We also believe our visitors and subscribers will be interested in products and services that can help them invest cautiously, save diligently and spend wisely.

Nairametrics is open to advertising and media partnerships with organisations, corporates, government agencies etc. that have products and services that can benefit our burgeoning community of retail investors and lead them towards attaining financial freedom.

Our offering for advertising and media partnerships include our website, radio programs, podcast, newsletters, seminars etc.

Nairametrics powered radio shows currently include;

  • SME Biz Half-hour on Classic FM 97.3
  • Everyday MoneyMatters on LagosTalks 91.3 FM

Rate Card (All figures in Naira)


Leaderboard -All sections   
DurationHome pageSpecific pageAcross site
1 week100,00085,000200,000
4 weeks300,000300,000300,000
12 weeks900,000765,0001,800,000
30 weeks2,700,0002,295,0005,400,000
Side Bar: top right – All sections
DurationHome pageSpecific pageAcross site
1 week60,00050,00080,000
4 weeks180,000150,000240,000
12 weeks540,000450,000720,000
30 weeks1,620,0001,350,0002,160,000
In-content bar
DurationHome pageSpecific pageAcross site
1 week20,00030,00045,000
4 weeks60,00090,000135,000
12 weeks180,000270,000405,000
30 weeks540,000810,0001,215,000
Lower board
DurationHome pageSpecific pageAcross site
1 week30,00020,00040,000
4 weeks90,00060,000120,000
12 weeks270,000180,000360,000
30 weeks810,000540,0001,080,000
Sponsored column
DurationSpecific PageHome Page (Sticky)
1 week30,00055,000
4 weeks90,000165,000
12 weeks270,000495,000
30 weeks810,0001,485,000


Type                        Description Key benefits
Leaderboard This is the banner displayed right beside the Nairametrics Logo Visitors never miss this ad
Side Bar top right Side bar ads appear on the top right section of the website It’s one of the first ads visitors see when they land on any page either via the home page or via social media link or a search engine
In content bar These are display or text ads that appear at the top or bottom of a post Visitors view this ads at the beginning of articles and at the bottom. They also view it in the middle of articles. The ads is guaranteed to be seen
Lower Board These are display or text ads that appear at the bottom of the website. It is parallel to the Leader Board This mostly serves new visitors who are

looking to know more about

Nairametrics. It also gets them engaged with your ads

Across site Means your ads will be displayed on every page on the website Visitors get to see your ads anywhere on the website
Specific Page This means your ads will be displayed on a page of your choosing Your ads match your content preference.
Home Page This means your ads feature only on the home page of the website Nairametrics regulars never miss your ad on our website.

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