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When someone visits your online store and checks out a bunch of products, but fails to make a purchase decision in your favor, you are bleeding money. If you want to ensure that a good portion of people visiting your website do not leave the purchasing process midway, you need to provide a decent shopping experience to the users, amongst other things. But to do that, you’d need to know why people leave your store without buying anything. So, here’s a list of the most common reasons why people decide to defer their buying decisions or give up on your store altogether.

Bad Placement of Product Features
This is one of the major reasons why a lot of websites lose consumers and do not know about it. So what if you have a perfect design and great SEO strategy in place? If your audience does not understand the product benefits clearly on the website, then they will not move down the sales funnel.

Since your customers can’t pick up and handle products in your online store, you need to use descriptive, yet precise words and pictures to make them confident they know exactly what they’re purchasing. Provide photos of each product from opposing angles and showing scale. If a product comes in different colors or variations, include photos of each option. In the product description, give as many details as you can. List the measurements, materials, durability, origin, and special features such as accessories.

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Make it even more interesting by telling a short tale about the product’s history, design inspiration, or unique craftwork. Adding these extra details will help your SEO too, so it’s a win/win. Users also want to know about the different features of the product and compare it with other similar products. If you have failed to upload the necessary information, the customer may veer towards a provider that has taken the pains to deliver enough information.

The Pages of Your Website are Loading Too Slowly
Shopping online on slow internet connection can be a real pain. Yet, there are lots of users around the world who embark on an online shopping expedition, burdened with slow internet speed. For such users, heavy website pages are a bane— they tend to time out or crash, making it impossible for the users to complete a purchase. All that perfect content and brilliant graphics will not help if they take forever to download. There are so many fancy designs and scripting options available today and it seems most promising to invest in them. If you fell for a flashy website design, maybe you didn’t realize that those complex elements take longer to load. This will take visitors away within seconds. Do not go with something that looks flashy. Instead, keep it simple and delete any element that takes too long to load.

Your Website Is Not Easy To Use
Statistics suggest that 25% users leave without buying, simply because the website is too complicated for their understanding. With all those complicated registrations, disruptive advertising and complex check-out tantrums, visitors simply lose interest. They will hop on to something that doesn’t require them to forcibly sign up to be there. This is why your visitors are probably moving to your competitor’s website.
You can solve this problem by finding out what is making your visitors leave. To solve the problem, you first need to look at when your visitors are leaving, that is, is it the shopping cart they leave, or a specific page that is causing them to leave. There is analytics to give you a clear picture of what is happening. Make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Do not make your visitors take too many steps or fill up long registrations. Keep the check-out process quick and you will see the numbers of conversions rise.

Too Many Ads On Your Website
If you have suffocated your visitor’s vision with pop-ups, you are sure to lose them within the first few minutes of engagement. And if your ad is the first thing they see, it’s a bad idea. A lot of times websites cover their content that brought the visitors there. And the last mistake is giving your ads more space than they deserve on the page. The easiest way to fix this is to run ads that are smart and maximize attention on your website. Do not have random banners hanging on the top that scream for attention. An interesting ad can always get you the right leads.

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You are Using an Outdated Design
Sad but true. Just when you thought you had picked a perfect design for your website, the marketers simply rejected it saying it’s outdated. A site’s design can have a big impact on its trustworthiness. And design trends keep changing. They are never the same. For instance, sliders with meaningless call-to-action options are outdated. No one wants to touch them. They scroll too fast and so many times, your visitors miss the message.

Simple Typography
If your content is not legible, it is useless. Do not use typefaces that are too exaggerated. Avoid those over bright colors and fluorescents. Use typography that is simple and easy to understand for your customers.


Your Navigation Structure is Unclear
Probably you are complicating things too much. People are coming to your website, but are lost in a maze. The information is not clear as quickly as it should be. Unclear navigation simply means bad user experience. You get on a website and you are not able to find anything; instead, you are working your way through a useless maze of bad navigation options. Keep it simple. Think of it this way, if you were a customer, how would you want the navigation to work? Poor navigation does not work in the favour of SEO.


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