Investigations on the alleged forgery case involving an ex-staff of Zedcrest Capital, Michael Friday Edenya, has revealed that the former staff acted unprofessionally.

According to our findings, the former staff submitted forged letters to Access Bank Plc and Coronation Merchant Bank Plc, requesting for private information on the account of one of Zedcrest’s trading partners, Giltedege Partners and Advisory Services Ltd in August 2018.

Note that the letters were written on fake Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) letterhead.

Meanwhile, due to data protection regulations, the two bank’s checked with the EFCC to confirm the authenticity of the letter and found it to be a forged one. The EFCC, thereafter, carried out investigations and confirmed that the letter was delivered by Michael Friday Edenya.

Consequently, the EFCC made efforts, last year, to contact Mr Edenya. On several occasions, officials from the anti-graft agency reached out to Zedcrest Capital (his previous employers) to assist with the investigation. But they were unable to contact him until Monday, 11 March 2019 when he was apprehended.

In his statement to the EFCC, Edenya claimed that he was given the letter by the Managing Director of Zedcrest Capital, Mr Dayo Amzat, to deliver to the banks. But this claim has been disputed by Mr Amzat.

It should be noted that the EFCC has been unable to find any evidence confirming that the Zedcrest’s Managing Director sanctioned the letter.

In the meantime, Zedcrest’s lawyers are working with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to resolve the case.


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