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A new player has emerged in the Nigerian online market industry that could change and set the pace for the whole market in country.

Justfrom5k is a user friendly website designed as a platform to connect and trade in professional, menial, concierge and time-bound services between service users and service providers. The platform eases the burden off individuals who need professional services by providing a pool of these service providers on its platform, saving them time and associated costs in searching for these providers elsewhere.

The platform comes in a period were online market fraud is on a high and Nigerians most recently have shown apathy to trading online due to the nature of risk involved. Justfrom5k offers a unique feature called the Trust rating system. The trust rating system attaches a certain level of trustworthiness and reliability on both the service providers and the end users to try and reduce the level of fraud to the bearest minimum.

The trust rating system encompasses a number of variables to ascertain genuineness of both buyers and sellers and they include verified information like the physical address, personal career information on websites like LinkedIn, regular in-house questionnaires and recommendations from previous customers on the site.

With this level of due diligence being put into building trust assurance on the platform, nothing short of excellent relationships would be expected to be built between service users and service providers on the platform.



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