The holiday season is here again! This is a period where people celebrate the birth of Christ and look forward to the New Year. It is also a period where people get to spend a lot of money either as part of the Christmas celebration or the New Year. And where there is money to be spent there is money to be made.

This therefore is an opportunity for those looking to make some quick money to look out for businesses that people are willing to spend money on this holiday. I’ve decided to come up with a list of businesses that you could do by the side this holiday season.

Christmas Decoration

In time past, this business was considered a small one with just a few thousand naira to be made. Nowadays, this is considered a multi-million-naira business. Last year, we gathered the company who decorated Alfred Rewane road made tens of millions of naira from that project alone. The guys who also decorated Ajose Adeogun on behalf of a Nigerian Bank also raked in tens of millions of naira. You probably would have missed out on this deal by now, however there are many more deals to be made. There are offices, churches, homes of rich people etc. to be decorated. Just make a list and approach them, who knows you might just be the next millionaire on the block.

Events Planning

Loads of events occur during the yuletide season. It could be offices planning an end of the year party, friends having a reunion party, an award show, a family barbecue etc. These events need someone to plan and organize it on behalf of the attendees. Remember, this is just you making an extra money for the holiday so it doesn’t always have be a big event. Organising a reunion party can earn you between N50,000 and N100,000 this holiday can be a big deal in this harsh economy.

Travel Tours

We know Nigeria is awash with a lot of travel agencies and tour organizers. However not everyone has time to get one and the agents can’t also cater to all. Why not fill in some of the gap. Look within your circle of friends and family and use your leverage or (even if it’s emotional blackmail) to get them to help you organize their travel arrangements. You can help them fill their visa applications, manage their calendar, book hotels, flights, schedule transportation to and from airport, and all other logistics associated with traveling. Though most families like to handle these things themselves, they can also do with some help even they don’t admit it immediately. That assistance can earn you a cool N50-N100k depending on how deep your client’s pocket is.

Branded Gift Items

These are branded items sent to customers by organisations. It can be an umbrella, diary, pen etc. with the company logo or emblem inscribed on it. We typically advice that you get into this business at least two months before the Xmas holiday. In fact, start as soon as it’s the “ember month period”. Why? Because a lot of organisations tidy up budgets and issue purchase orders for these items at least a month to Christmas. People who are lucky to get this contract can make as much as a million.

Cleaning & Fumigation

It’s not just the Christmas holiday, we also have the new year to celebrate. Most organisations typically see the end of the year holiday as an opportunity to clean up their offices. Households also use this as an opportunity to carry out fumigations and major cleaning activities in their residence and surroundings. This business is not rocket science and it is something you can learn quickly. A fumigation service cost between N25k to N70K depending on the size of the apartment. Imagine getting just 5 during the holidays?

Short Stays

Hotels make a lot of money during the holiday which is why they are mostly all booked. However, there is also an opportunity for the short stay businesses. A short stay business basically let out an apartment or room to people for a long period (typically more than two days). It also often comes with additional facilities such as a furnished living room, kitchenette and cooking utensils. This business can come in handy for families leaving their homes for vacation elsewhere and want to make a quick return on their apartment. In the US, Air BnB is an obvious market place for such a business. Air BnB services are also available in Nigeria from what we gather. So just list up your apartment for the period you are away and then boom you earn quick money. It’s also a good business for people who own mansions in villages that they visit just once in three years. Why not just lease it and make some money of it?

Christmas Hampers

One of the most popular types of packaged gift items are Christmas hampers. A hamper business can fetch you some cool cash if you have the right connections. Do you have an uncle or aunt who owns a thriving business but owes you that one favour you haven’t asked for? Now is the time to approach them. People make as much as a N10k spread on a single hamper.  Ten hampers mean you make a cool N100k in profits.

Baking & Selling Confectionaries

Perhaps the most popular food items people consume in December after rice and chicken are cakes and “chin chin”. Bakery businesses boom during the holiday season and it’s easy to understand why. Interestingly, you don’t need to be a professional baker or have some sophisticated skill to make some money from this. All you need is to know how to bake and have an eye for a good presentation. This business can be very lucrative for people who live in estates. Package it well and sell at affordable rates. You can throw in a mix of sweets, chocolates etc. to make your products attractive.  People have made hundreds or thousands doing this business.

Fire Crackers

Provided it is not banned, this is another money spinner. These days’ people love fire crackers that you can shoot to the sky and do many things with. You can be a retail seller of fire crackers if you know where to source for very good ones. Some people forget to buy them or just don’t think they are a priority till it’s Christmas day or the new year eve. Stock up some in a safe place and sell as the day approaches. It’s not one of our favourites but you sure can make money from it.


In these days of Snapchat and Instagram people take their own pictures and share it real time on time. Nevertheless, there is still money to be made in the photography business. Some memories are better captured with a professional camera. This is also a period where people take family portraits. If you’ve got a love for photography, then do not let this opportunity to make money pass you by. Attend events, clubs, resorts, beaches etc. and take wonderful pictures of people. Make yours different and people will pay you instantly. I know a guy, who snaps with his professional camera quickly uploads to his tablets and shares to his customers on WhatsApp after he is paid. It’s cheaper and quicker.

Motivational Talk/MC

Are you a good talker, have no form of stage freight and can hold a crowd? Don’t let this talent go to waste. Most organisations and even churches organise end of year events that need people to moderate them. There are also lots of wedding ceremonies requiring emceeing. You don’t have to be a comedian to take on this role. Once you can hold a crowd or group of people spellbound you are good to go. ‘Emceeing’ can earn you as much as N100k per occasion and all you need is just two or three in the month and you are fine. Motivational speaking is more difficult as it requires some special skill and experience you are trying to impart on your listeners. If you have this skill then, eloquent and can hold a crowd then there is plenty money to be made here. Some motivational speakers are paid millions.



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