Stocks are marked down on the first day of closure of their register. By marking down a stock the dividend per share is deducted from the current share price to arrive at the adjusted price. The adjusted price is also called the ex-div price. Before stocks are marked down their share price are said to be trading at the cum-div price.

The following stocks will be marked down for dividend this week.

Company​ Dividend Bonus Closure of Register AGM Date Payment Date
Aluminium Extrusion 8.5 kobo Nil 26th June – 10th July 10th July 2015 13th July 2015
ETI Nil 1 for 15 25th – 29th June 2015 19th June 2015 N/A
eTranzact International 5 kobo Nil 22nd – 26th June 2015 23rd July 2015 6th August 2015

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