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The Central Bank of Nigeria has just released its updated official list of all Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria. The latest list includes two new commercial banks, Providus and Sunburst Banks both with divisional licenses.

Here are all the registered commercial banks in Nigeria available for download;

Download (PDF, 32KB)


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  1. It is getting in now and slowly in Nigeria.i.e if this govt is sensitive to the needs of Nigerians..the cbn should fine fidelity bank for allowing them to be used by Mrs A-M in disbursing money to inec official,and those banks used by father Christmas dasuki in giving free money to pdp politicians.Afterall ncc fined mtn this massive charges,also effc should investigate if criminal charges could be brought against the board and management for not showing due diligence in lending,or breaking fed laws on banking and financial laws,
    If this govt do this,the poor masses will believe that govt meant good for Nigeria,that all those maradonaing since the election was a mistakeWE INTEND TO CARRY OUT OUR VISION FOR NIGERIA.YOU HAE SEN ANYTHING YET IN NIGERIA.WE WILL MAKE NIGERIANS PROUD.if govt do it by jan 2017,you will see Nigerians dancing in the street.
    Govt should create a national insurance contribution scheme merge the pension self-contribution scheme.iIF DONE WELFARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY BE ABLE TO GENERATE IT’S FUND FOR IT’S SERVICEthe finance minister knows what I am talking about,on another level effc should control their budget,hires it’s official on its own instead of having police official being seconded to them.

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