The table below is a compilation of Nigeria’s latest leading economic indicators. It includes all the leading macro and micro economic data in Nigeria.

The information is sourced from government agencies such as the National Bureau of Statistics, Central Bank, NNPC Etc.

This table is updated periodically by the Nairametrics team as information becomes available.

wdt_ID Data Set Latest Previous Source Period Frequency
1 General
2 Inflation Rate 15.98 16.01 NBS September' 2017 Monthly
3 GDP Growth Rate 0.55% -0.91% NBS Apr - June 2017 Quarterly
4 Unemployment Rate 14.20% 13.90% NBS Oct - Dec 2016 Quarterly
5 MPR 14% 14% CBN October' 2017 Monthly
6 Balance of Trade (N'billions) 506.5 719.4 NBS Apr - June 2017 Quarterly
8 GDP Growth Rate 0.55% -0.91% Apr-Jun 2017 Quarterly
9 GDP Annual Growth Rate -1.58% 2.79% NBS Apr-Jun 2017 Quarterly
10 Labour Stats Frequency
Data Set Latest Previous Source Period Frequency



  1. Hi guys,

    Your GDP from manufacturing data is definitely wrong. I think that should be from Services.


  2. Let us cereberate in Nigeria.LET US GIVE THIS PRESENT GOVT TIME,Their first budget was design for education and human development,which will take at least for one year for any programme to take,you can lead a horse to a stream to drink ,you cannot force the horse to drink,they are dealing with human being,old habits never died.this medium strategic economic plan announced a few weeks ago was designed to integrate the private sector into govt objective,through their dialogue.i have read in nairaland that the prices of a bag of onions have clashes by 100 %.once they see it,they will work through their dialogue for (1)Graduate employment and enterprenuers scheme (2) manufacturers (3) their economic plan for farmers have started to shown dividend,recent report have shown that they have directed the Bank of Agriculture to charge a single bank interest rate.
    They plan to raises taxes through mobile phones for texts and talks.i am for it,because it will achieve atleast 3 objectives,not only about new revenue(!),it will introduces critical think for consumers and investors (2)controls the economy,even tame inflation, decisipline Nigerian economic habitit will help Nigerian consumer think harder,their is no national economy,that is totally free.e.t.c
    Govt plans to also raises fund through bank transaction transfer,but I feel they can do better than that .Mr. Magu have said financial crime suspect, have avoided bank financial transfer,any Nigerian who wonders what I am talking about,should log into youtube about Mr James obori,the former governor of Delta State,you will see all corners in that house filled with foreign currency,where he tried to bribe Ribadu (the former head of effc) to about 11 million dollar stuffed in shopping bag.
    Govt should also explode the possibility introducing road taxes for vehicle according to the powers of the vehicle,.local govt area can introduces parking fines for illegal packing or packing in exclusive area.

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