Freight Auction Marketplace for moving stuff Truckit, recently unveiled its brand and launched its U-TruckIt app in Lagos.

Truckit plans to revolutionize the delivery and haulage sector in Nigeria. It is a ‘matchmaker’ for couriers and carriers that connects people with customer-reviewed transport companies that can move anything and everything.

Dr. Doyin Salami of the Lagos Business School, while speaking at the event, emphasized the need for technology in driving the much-desired national development. He highlighted the quantum growth and scale that technology drives and emphasized the need to encourage technology innovation both at enterprise, state and national level.

Salami said: “technology has become arguably, the fastest growing sector in Nigeria. In 2016 alone, ICT accounted for 10 per cent of total national revenue, the highest in a decade and half. By the year 2000, ICT in Nigeria contributed less than one quarter of 1% of GDP. Technology Innovations are therefore constantly brewed to revolutionize our life. More than ever before, prosperity depends on human ability to drive innovation and break-through that reaches every corner of the globe. This is what I believe TruckIt has done with this ground breaking innovative

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