Nairametrics| In the wake of accusation by some media sources that the Emirates employed only 10 Nigerians, the airline has come out to debunk such rumors. According to the airline, it hired more 130 Nigerian nationals, 60 of them based in the country.

It would be recalled thataccording to some media houses, the Senate President vowed to investigate a situation in which the airline operating in Nigeria would employ only 10 Nigerians when they employ more than that number in other countries.

However, in an official statement, the airline said “”Emirates employs more than 130 Nigerian nationals across the Emirates group, of which over 60 are employed in Nigeria and not 10 as reported in some local media.

“Emirates’ operation also supports many more jobs in Nigeria’s aviation services supply chain such as in ground handling and catering, and brings broader benefits to the Nigerian economy by supporting tourism and trade.

“The airline prides itself on ‎its diversity and employs staff from more than 170 countries around the world and connects people from all backgrounds across our international network.”

As such, it refuted claims of its being prejudiced against Nigerian nationals. Further explaining this, the said that ongoing and future recruitment programs would continue to receive more applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for available vacancies from all nationalities, including Nigerian nationals


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