Randof Consulting

RANDOF Consulting is an analytics company providing cutting-edge solutions in Big Data, Macroeconomic Modelling, Customer and Marketing Analytics, Social Media, Product Strategy, Market Research, Human Capital Management, Market and Social Research, Business Intelligence and Sales Planning. At RANDOF Consulting, we proudly position ourselves as a management consultancy with a focus on analytics to help our clients improve business outcomes. With real-time big data analytics solutions, our clients can accelerate decision-making in fast paced markets. They can also prepare for change by forecasting consumer trends using our predictive analytics method and improve their customer relations using our smart social media solutions. Our strong team of data scientists strives to provide actionable insights with domain experts from Consulting, Finance, Retail, E-commerce, FMCG, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Sports we specialize in customizing our solutions for your specific needs. Our services come neatly packaged in easy-to-use interfaces and dashboards.

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